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Chandler Steam Cleaning


Chandler Steam Cleaning

Have a carpet that once looked lovely? Has dirt done a number on it? Looking for a Chandler steam cleaner that can really refresh the carpets?

Well, you might want to turn to Oxi Fresh’s Chandler Carpet Cleaning instead.

Traditional steam cleaning drenches your carpet in water, causing them to take 12-24 hours to dry. Not only is that inconvenient, there’s also the chance that all the extra water will create a problem known as “wickback.” This is when a spot will disappear and then reappear over time.

Oxi Fresh, on the other hand, is the very model of a modern carpet cleaner. Our deep cleaning process is both highly effective, eco-friendly, and fast drying. Rather than being stuck waiting all day for your floors to dry (and wondering if the spots will pop back up), you can get back on your carpets in just about one hour, confident the floors are truly clean.

Don’t stick with an old-fashioned Chandler steam cleaning – choose Oxi Fresh today! Use our Online Scheduler to book your cleaning today!

Why People Choose Us

There’s a reason why the Oxi Fresh brand has tens of thousands of world-class reviews – it’s because we give customers both world-class results and these other advantages:

  • Fast dry times of around 1 hour
  • Eco-friendly solutions that get results
  • No window bookings – pick the time that works best for you!
  • Affordable prices and great coupons
  • The World’s Greenest Carpet Cleaner®
  • Efficient service and an expert staff

Don’t rely on those Chandler steam cleaners. Schedule your Oxi Fresh appointment today!

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Natalie Ehrlich

Meet Natalie Ehrlich


When you need a reliable carpet cleaner, you want Oxi Fresh and Natalie Ehrlich. Natalie and her team in Chandler are expert carpet cleaners who can easily tackle even the saddest looking floors. Let them leave your home’s floors looking and feeling grand! Just give us a call at 480-360-7979 or use our Online Scheduler.

An Alternative to Steam Cleaning

Oxi Fresh is a pioneer in the carpet cleaning industry. Unlike some Chandler steam cleaning companies, we don’t need to use excessive amounts of water and needlessly harsh chemicals. We've developed an eco-friendly carpet cleaning process that gets real world results.

Here’s how we can rescue your carpets:

Step 1: Inspection of the Floor
Your technician will start by examining the carpeted area you want us to clean. We do this to find any areas with heavy soiling that might need extra attention. Once we're done, we'll tell you our findings and what to expect for the final results.

Step 2: Pretreatment
If there are any areas with heavy soiling, your technician will use a pretreatment. The pretreatment solution contains an enzyme that specifically targets and breaks down stubborn oils and grime.

Step 3: Clean the Carpet
Next, your technician will apply a two-part solution onto the carpet. The first product in this cleaning combo is an oxygenated booster that breaks up debris. The second is an encapsulator that traps residues in micro-crystals.

Applying these solutions is far more water-efficient than a Chandler steam cleaner. Where they’ll soak your floors, we only need enough water to get the carpets damp. For Oxi Fresh, the cleaning power is in our solutions.

Step 4: Clean-Up
Next, the technician will go over the carpets with our cleaning machine’s dual, counter-rotating brushes. They’ll reach deep into the carpet pile to provide a thorough cleaning.

Step 5: Finishing Touches
Your technician will then do a final vacuum and grooming of the carpet. Once we are done, your floors will look years younger! They’ll also dry in about an hour, versus the 12-24 hours you could get from a steam cleaning in Chandler.

Hardwood Floor Cleaner
Did you know may Oxi Fresh locations also offer hardwood floor cleaning? If your carpets are starting to look dirty, then the hardwood in your home might be as well. Let Oxi Fresh refresh the natural beauty back to your hardwood floor. Check to see if your local Oxi Fresh is offering this service!

The World's Greenest Carpet Cleaner®

Our eco-friendly cleaning process and products are better for your family and the environment


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