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Oxi Fresh Expands with Cleveland Carpet Cleaning Location

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Oxi Fresh, the World’s Greenest Carpet Cleaner®, continues to expand across the United States and Canada. With over 300 locations, the company announced a new store in Cleveland, Ohio.

As reported by Franchising.com and Franchisedirect.com, this new location, founded by Joe Gardner, is offering residents of Cleveland and the surrounding areas the company’s renowned, oxygen-powered cleanings.

“Our goal is to become the city’s go-to for the greenest, most efficient carpet cleaning results,” said Mr. Gardner, referring to the company’s commitment to both quality results and eco-friendly practices. To date, the Oxi Fresh’s system has helped conserve over 30 million gallons of water as well as garnering tens of thousands of positive reviews online.

Mr. Gardner started Oxi Fresh after a 28-year career with Energizer in Westlake. After that previous, travel-heavy work, Joe said  he looks forward to the flexibility Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning offers him. Joe is also looking forward to working with this son, who will be working as the Lead Technician for the company.

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