Jonathan Barnett

Jonathan Barnett

President and CEO

Jonathan Barnett, MBA and the founder of Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning® – one of the fastest growing new franchises in North America – is someone the business world should get ready to know. His company, which started only with him in August 2006, has, by early 2010, expanded to nearly two hundred franchises in forty-three states.  So where did the visionary behind such rapid growth get his start? 

Jonathan Barnett began his college career in 1999 at Oral Roberts University.  Already knowing that business was his forte, he began working on his BS in Business Administration. Most students his age would have been content to merely study this field for a few years before entering the business world.  Not Mr. Barnett.  In 2000, he began Johnny B’s Fireworks. Jonathan Barnett - Fireworks Stand This summer business, of his own design, paid his way through school, and he built it up to four locations before he sold it.

Naturally, this wasn’t enough to occupy Mr. Barnett’s talents. After all, he also loved playing basketball. That passion for competitive play, which had been with him all his life, drove him to play Division 1 basketball in college at Oral Roberts University. He even served as its chaplain for two years. His experience with the team and his faith led him, in 2001, to create Crossover International.

This non-profit basketball ministry took Christian athletes overseas in order to share the Gospel and build relationships with the kids who attended their camps and games against professional club teams.  As of 2010, Crossover has taken eleven tours of Europe, been to seven countries, has held twenty camps, and played over one hundred games. Jonathan still serves Crossover as the Chairman of the Board. Jonathan Barnett - ORU Basketball Team

So, despite creating a business that paid for his college career, building up an international ministry, playing basketball for a D1 school, and serving as the team’s chaplain, Jonathan Barnett graduated in 2002 – a full year early.  Jonathan, however, was not content with just three years of business education. He decided that he would pursue graduate school as well. In 2003 he began graduate courses at Colorado Christian University, at the same time moving Crossover International’s HQ to Denver and working to launch their first international tour, which went to France, Germany, and the Czech Republic.

In early 2005 he also purchased a professional basketball franchise in the IBL, naming it the Colorado Crossover, whom he owned for two seasons before moving on. The experience increased his interest in franchising even more, so when he graduated from CCU in mid 2005, he kept his eyes open for franchise opportunities. And from that keen interest and passion for competition and success, Oxi Fresh began. In 2006, Jonathan Barnett founded Oxi Fresh Franchising Co., a company that is quickly taking over the world of carpet cleaning. By the end of that year he already had sold seventeen franchises in five states. The following year, he had a total of eighty-seven franchises in twenty-three states. Next year? One hundred and forty-five franchises in thirty-eight states. By that time the Franchise Business Review ranked Oxi Fresh #13 in their Franchisee Satisfaction Award, a ranking system they developed for the top fifty franchises in the U.S.

The next year, 2009, Oxi Fresh won numerous awards from Entrepreneur Magazine – including #308 for Top 500 Franchises, #19 for Top New Franchises, #68 for Top Low Cost Franchises, #85 for Top Home based Franchise – and another award from the Franchise Business Review, this time ranking #2 out of top fifty franchises. This amazing growth continued into 2010, as we received more awards from Entrepreneur magazine, the Franchise Business Review, and even the Franchise Times – ranking #9 in their Fast55, a list comprised of fifty-five fastest growing new franchises in North America.  Jonathan Barnett & George W. Bush

In 2010 Oxi Fresh also launched its new website and its brand new CRM system – which has been valued at $1.2 million dollars. The new system is extremely helpful for franchise owners, and its changed how franchisees take care of scheduling, calculating their return on their marketing, managing their customer, etc. What’s more, the new system will also allow customers to schedule jobs online at anytime, day or night. It’s another way Oxi Fresh is preparing for its future.

And that future looks exceptionally bright. In less than four years, Oxi Fresh transformed from a local carpet cleaner to a national, award wining franchise that has had continued success despite strenuous opposition and difficult economic times. This is due not only to the incredible team at Oxi Fresh, nor just to the green, deep cleaning system, but also to Jonathan Barnett’s vision, hard work, and commitment to making his company the best it can be. And if his company continues to grow at this rate, who knows where it will be in another four years?

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