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Metro Houston, TX - Tile and Grout Cleaning

Many of us have tile in our homes – and it’s great! It’s especially ideal in any room where water or spills are common. As a Metro Houston tile and grout cleaning company, though, we understand that the way we use rooms like kitchens, foyers, and bathrooms can quickly transform clean tile into a floor that looks drab or dirty.

Tile and grout can be very difficult to clean, and even regular mopping won’t keep it clean forever. This is because the multitude of tiny cracks and fissures in the grout can collect dirt and oils. Once collected, this grime can seem to cling on in spite of your best efforts.

Not to worry! Let Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning take care of your tile floor. Our professional solutions and equipment can quickly and easily remove those clinging dirt and oils. We’ll leave your entire floor clean and looking lovely.

Don’t let grime control your kitchen tile! Call our Scheduling Center at 346-235-0400 and ask for an Oxi Fresh tile and grout cleaning today!

How We Clean Tile

If you’ve never had your tile floor cleaned and want to know what you can expect, keep reading! We’ll break down our process in a clear and concise way, so that you understand the advantages of our Metro Houston tile and grout cleaning method.

Step 1
Your technician will conduct an inspection of the tile floor you want cleaned when they arrive. This will allow the technician to isolate areas that may need more work while giving you a realistic expectation of the cleaning results.

Step 2
Your technician will now vacuum your tile floor, removing any grit and debris. Our objective is to remove anything that won’t get broken down by regular cleaning and could become abrasive to your floor. We care about your home!

Step 3
Now we will apply the Oxi Stone Cleaner. This solution will break up the dirt and oil clinging to your tiles and grout.

Step 4
Next, we’ll use one of our cleaning machines to agitate the tile and grout, accelerating the break-down of the dirt and grime. The machine we use will depend on the size of the room we’re treating.

Step 5
Once we’ve finished with the machine, we’ll extract the product and dirt from the tiles, leaving them looking grand. If there are any particularly stained or darkened grout lines, we’ll also treat them with our special Oxi Restore process.

Step 6 (Optional)
After we are done cleaning, if you are interested in this additional service, we can apply a protectant to the grout lines. This protectant will help protect this more porous material from absorbing oils and dirt. We strongly recommend getting this service.

What Customers Are Saying

Average 4.5 stars (Out of 5)

Based on 68 Carpet Cleaning Services Reviews
Great experience. Chris was fabulous and carpets look great! HP. - Houston, TX - 11/12/2023
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
We were recommended to get the odor blaster due to having a dog and him using it on the carpet. While the carpet was drying all we could smell was the shampoo and perfume the tech sprayed down but after the carpet dried and the perfume smell went away all we could smell was pee. He did successfully get the stains out of our rug though GB. - Houston, TX - 08/18/2023
(2.5 Out of 5 stars)
Nice work. IH. - Houston, TX - 11/11/2021
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Billy & Cynthia Kellough

Meet Billy & Cynthia Kellough


Cynthia & Billy Kellough are proud to offer Metro Houston tile and grout cleanings. They and their team know how difficult getting a tile floor clean can be. They are eager and excited to get to work for you. Let them show you what they are capable of achieving for you.

Why Choose Oxi Fresh?

  • Convenient Bookings: With a quick call, you can have a cleaning booked.
  • Pick Your Time: We don’t believe in “Window” appointments. Pick the day and time that is best for you and that’s when we’ll arrive.
  • Great Value: Our services are competitively priced. Get great results at a good deal!

Not Just Tile – Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning!

In addition to offering tile and grout cleanings, Oxi Fresh can do more. We can handle your carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and hardwood floor cleaning too! Let us get your floors and furniture looking wonderful again!

To book our cleaning services, call our Scheduling Center at 346-235-0400. We can’t wait to rescue your home’s carpets and upholstery!

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