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Cambridge, ON - Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Near Cambridge

When it comes to hardwood floor cleaning in Cambridge, look no further than Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning. Our top-tier services are designed to bring your hardwood floors back to life, giving them a refreshed and revitalized appearance. Unlike traditional cleaning methods, our approach ensures that your floors receive the care they deserve without the drawbacks often associated with other techniques.

Picking Oxi Fresh of Cambridge means opting for a superior hardwood floor cleaning experience. Our innovative process is not only effective but also gentle on your floors, preserving their natural beauty and extending their lifespan. Whether you’re dealing with tons of accumulated dirt or just need a routine clean, our team is equipped to handle it all with precision and care.

Ready to transform your hardwood floors? Schedule an appointment with Oxi Fresh today by calling 519-513-4700. Let us show you why we are the preferred choice for hardwood floor cleaning in Cambridge.

Discover the Oxi Fresh Hardwood Floor Cleaning System

At Oxi Fresh of Cambridge, we pride ourselves on our unique hardwood floor cleaning system that sets us apart from the competition. Our methodical approach ensures that your floors are cleaned thoroughly and efficiently.

Here’s what we do:

Step 1: We begin with a comprehensive examination of your hardwood floors to identify any areas that need special attention.

Step 2: Our team vacuums the floor to remove any abrasive particles that could scratch the surface during the cleaning process.

Step 3: Using our OF2000 cleaning machine, we apply a pretreatment solution. This step not only loosens tough dirt and grime but also agitates the floor and extracts the broken-down soil simultaneously.

Step 4: Next, we use the OF2000 to apply our primary hardwood floor cleaning solution. This powerful machine continues to agitate the floor and extract dirt, ensuring a deep clean.

Step 5 (Optional): For an added layer of protection and shine, we offer our Oxi Floor Refinisher as an optional add-on. This product helps to enhance the appearance of your floors and provides a protective finish.

Brian Borowicz

Meet Brian Borowicz


Brian Borowicz is your go-to expert for hardwood floor cleaning in Cambridge. As the owner and operator of the local Oxi Fresh franchise, Brian brings a wealth of knowledge and a commitment to excellence to every job. His dedication to quality service makes him one of the best in the business, ensuring that your floors receive the highest level of care.

The Benefits of Picking Oxi Fresh

Picking Oxi Fresh for your hardwood floor cleaning needs comes with numerous advantages. Our advanced cleaning technology and customer-focused approach make us the ideal choice for homeowners in Cambridge.

Here’s why our customers prefer Oxi Fresh:

  • Effective Cleaning: Our cleaning system is designed to deliver exceptional results, removing dirt and grime that other methods leave behind.
  • Gentle on Floors: Our process is tough on dirt but gentle on your hardwood floors, preserving their integrity and appearance.
  • No Sanding Needed: Unlike traditional methods that require sanding, our approach cleans your floors without damaging the surface.
  • Professional Service: Our trained technicians are dedicated to providing top-notch service, ensuring your complete satisfaction.
  • Convenient Scheduling: We offer flexible scheduling options to fit your busy lifestyle, making it easy to get the cleaning you need when you need it.

Ready to experience the Oxi Fresh difference? Call us at 519-513-4700 to schedule your appointment today and see why we are the preferred choice for hardwood floor cleaning in Cambridge.

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