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What Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Customers Are Saying

the techs were very nice- tried hard to remove the stains.... after several attempts the main tech not the trainee said he reccomends steam cleaning with carpet like mine, a very tight weave, that would have been nice to know before I spent 100.00 - the love seat cleaned up nicely, which Im happy to pay for $43- but honestly I dont feel good about what I spent on 12X14 wall to wall carpet....it did not come out too good! I would appreciate it if you were to send me back the base price of $90- then Ill give out the plastic gift cards for a $25 discount he left a bunch- we used those instead of square foam blocks for the furniture, as he didnt have any of those, they got left at the last job.... standing by... Joyce Gottlieb 12445 Beatrice St. Los Angeles, CA 90066 C 310-283-8931 JG. - Los Angeles, CA - 11/23/2019
(2.5 Out of 5 stars)
I called your company today someone is supposed to call me back but no one did. First of all at the beginning you all mixed up the appointments couldn’t find mine and we went all over again for another time. The woman on the phone who forgot to added my appointment, gave me a lot of wrong informations. The next day someone called and said he was heading my place for the appointment that you forgot and didn’t let him know that was forgotten. And the guy who came here later on he said he forgot his vacuum cleaner in the previous house!!! And did NOT even vacuum and did half of the job! My House smells like a wet carpet now and looks still same..... When I texted him and let him know he doesn’t even apologize and saying he forgot one of the most important tools of this service. So I called my bank and let them know so you won’t be able charge for anything. Such a bad service from the beginning till finish point!.. And no one calls and says anything. DA. - Los Angeles, CA - 11/14/2019
(0.0 Out of 5 stars)
Nicole was excellent on the phone in setting the appointment and answering all fo my questions. Julio was alsovery thorough about answering my questions, and excellent in cleaning the carpets. LB. - Los Angeles, CA - 10/26/2019
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)