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Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning
Hours of Operation:
Mon - Fri 8am-7pm
Sat 8am-5pm
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Hours of Operation:
Mon - Fri 8am-7pm
Sat 8am-5pm
Sun Closed

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning – Temecula, CA

We all love coming home to nice, clean, fresh smelling carpets. So why not get a revolutionary Temecula carpet cleaning with Oxi Fresh to keep your home feeling fresh?

The Oxi Fresh system uses an oxygen-boosted solution to rapidly break down dirt and oils in the carpet pile. As the fibers are freed from the dirt, our green encapsulator captures the debris in tiny crystals. Finally, with its counter-rotating brushes, our deep-cleaning lifts the dirt and debris up and out of the carpet.

This cleaning method gets fantastic results, but what’s just as important is that our Temecula carpet cleanings are safe and eco-friendly. Our products were designed to both give dirt the boot and be safe for people, pets, and the planet.

Our system also helps conserve water, which means you get an incredibly fast drying carpet. Oxi Fresh floors dry in just about one hour, so you can get back to enjoying your beautiful home.

Use the Online Scheduler or call the Scheduling Center to book your world-class Temecula carpet cleaning. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Meet Aaron Chiles


Whenever Aaron Chiles goes out to clean a carpet, there's something he looks forward to – the way customers react when they see just how clean and fresh he's gotten their floors. Whether they give him a high-five, shake his hand, or just stand there and smile, it’s one of his favorite things about being a part of Oxi Fresh.

When he’s not cleaning, Aaron is proud to serve as a wrestling coach. He’s been working with the teams at Temecula Valley High School since 2010!

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Customer Reviews

Average 4.1 stars - based on 33 reviews

Service technician did a great job.

- Winchester, CA -10/17/2018
( 5 / 5 stars )

It’s eco friendly. The service is much faster. The dry time is much less as well.

- Temecula, CA -10/01/2018
( 5 / 5 stars )

- Escondido, CA -08/08/2018
( 5 / 5 stars )

I am extremely disappointed. My carpets were SOAKED for over 30 hours after getting cleaned!

- Murrieta, CA -05/27/2018
( 0 / 5 stars )

In the Community

Aaron loves having the opportunity to serve all his friends and neighbors through Oxi Fresh. Everyday he's out there, turning around tired looking carpets and saving sofas that were about to go into the landfill. Happy as he is to help keep homes fresh and clean, he's equally proud of the fact that he can do all this while being a green carpet cleaner.

Oxi Fresh is an environmentally friendly company. We use green carpet cleaning solutions that, while tough on oils and dirt, are safe for you and your family. Our cleanings don't rely on an air pollution producing truck-mounted system nor do we needlessly waste water like steam cleaners.

In fact, our low-moisture system requires 95% less water than steam cleaners, which means our Temecula carpet cleanings can actually help conserve tens of thousands of gallons of water every year!

Beyond saving water, Oxi Fresh is also working to help others get access to water. Currently, 1 in 10 people around the world don’t have safe drinking water – that comes to over 600 million people. Fighting this global water crisis is Water.org, an organization that helps communities get access to safe water. They’ve already made life better for millions, but they need everyone’s help in their vital mission.

To that end, we donate to Water.org every time a customer schedules a cleaning through our Online Scheduler. When you need one of our Temecula carpet cleaners to come on by, be sure to book online so you get great results and help support Water.org.

The top image is Temecula City Hall by Prayitno. It is licensed under CC BY 2.0.