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North Scottsdale, AZ - Hardwood Floor Cleaning

A clean and fresh hardwood floor is an easy way to instantly add value and elegance to any space. If you want to make sure your flooring is up to snuff, a North Scottsdale hardwood floor cleaning from Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is just what you’ve been looking for.

Our unique approach to hardwood floor cleaning is powerful and mighty, with the ability to produce exceptional results for you in just one session. Using our wood-safe solutions and revolutionary equipment, we can quickly and easily erase years of dirt and oils from your floors, leaving the wood looking lovely once more.

Get in touch with our Scheduling Center today at 1-877-OXI-FRESH for help with booking your next hardwood floor cleaning in North Scottsdale.

How Do We Clean?

Our powerful and efficient hardwood floor cleanings are unique in that they mean we don’t have to sand your floors to get real results. Rather than relying on a sand and refinish method that could leave your home inundated with sawdust, we provide a true cleaning method.

Our process enables us to be tough on dirt and oil but gentle to your home and floors. When you book a North Scottsdale hardwood floor cleaning with Oxi Fresh, here is exactly what you can expect.

Step 1: Like any Oxi Fresh cleaning, it begins with a careful inspection of the area we’re cleaning.

Step 2: Next, we utilize our professional-grade cleaning equipment to thoroughly vacuum your flooring.

Step 3: We then move on to our main treatment process using our OF2000. This specialized hardwood floor cleaning machine is able to apply our cleaning formulas, scrub your floors thoroughly, and also extract the broken down dirt and grime particles.

First, the OF2000 is used to apply our pretreatment solution which is designed to break down the film of dirt and grease that has covered your flooring.

Step 4: Then, we use the OF2000 to apply our main treatment solution which further breaks down dirt and grime particles. Once this step is done, the floor should look clean and lovely.

Optional Step 5
After the conclusion of your hardwood floor cleaning, you may desire for your flooring to have a nice, semi-gloss shine. If so, your Oxi Fresh cleaning technician can add our Oxi Floor Refinisher to your flooring.

Removal of Acrylic Wax

Many DIY hardwood floor cleaning solutions contain acrylic waxes. These waxes create a temporary sheen on your flooring that fades with time. To get this shine back, you have to apply more product.

With every application, more and more wax builds up. To remove this nasty residue, Oxi Fresh can perform a special cleaning service. Ask the Scheduling Center if this service is right for you!

What Customers Are Saying

Average 4.6 stars (Out of 5)

Based on 317 Carpet Cleaning Services Reviews
DS. - Scottsdale, AZ - 11/29/2023
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
The cleaning tech arrived early....when does that ever happen? I was thrilled. He did a spectacular job. I asked if it was possible to schedule another service...he said he could do it on this visit if I wanted. I had him do it. His flexibility was awesome. I really appreciated him taking the time to give me an estimate and to do the extra work. LS. - Scottsdale, AZ - 11/18/2023
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Julian was very friendly and professional! BE. - Scottsdale, AZ - 08/03/2023
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Jordan Keith

Meet Jordan Keith


If your flooring is dirty, grimy, or oily, a hardwood floor cleaning is what you’re probably looking for. If you want the best hardwood floor cleaning, look no further than Jordan Keith! His team of floor cleaning professionals will work hard to see your floor look fresh and clean again.

Why Do People Use Oxi Fresh

Cleanings - Our cleanings can get results much faster and for far less than a sand and refinish method, allowing us to efficiently clean your floors. No more multi-day treatments when you book with Oxi Fresh.

Great Prices - Our prices are affordable and fair, ensuring you always get a great value when you book with Oxi Fresh.

Convenient Scheduling - No more waiting around all day for irritating appointment windows with Oxi Fresh – our appointments are scheduled for the exact time you choose.

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