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A Message from Dog

It’s time we had a little talk, you and I. Sit down . . .  sit. Good human. We’ve been…

How to Keep Your Upholstery Clean

Need advice on how to keep your furniture looking and feeling cleaner longer? Look no further! Here are seven great tips to help you out.

The Curse of the Couch

Halloween’s here and the party guests are getting ready to shuffle toward your home, eager to messily devour your candy and wander like spirits forlorn between board games and the scary movie playing in the background. But despite many being dressed as the undead, they certainly don’t want to have a party in a dirty house – they’re discriminating corpses, after all – and they all seem to be avoiding that pet-hair covered couch.

Keep Your Upholstery Clean This Winter

Everyone immediately thinks of summer as one of the dustiest seasons, and one of the hardest seasons on your furniture,…