Couple seeks answers to frequent wood floor cleaning questions

Wood Floor Cleaning FAQ

Do You Clean Hardwood and Engineered Wood Floors?
How Long Does a Wood Floor Cleaning Take?
What Makes You Different from Other Wood Floor Specialists?
If You’re Not Sanding the Floor, Couldn’t I Clean It and Get the Same Results?
What Types of Finish Do You Offer?
Do I Have to Leave the House During the Wood Floor Cleaning?
Do You Have a Guarantee?


Question: “Do You Clean Hardwood and Engineered Wood Floors?”

Answer: Oxi Fresh’s wood floor cleaning method can handle any type of hardwood or engineered wood floor, from solid oaks to engineered maples. What’s more, our wood floor cleaning system works just as well on laminate and vinyl floors!

Our refinishing product, however, was designed specifically for treating solid wood floors, not engineered, laminates or vinyls. Engineered floors typically have a finish ‘baked’ into them and don’t need our treatment. Putting wood floor finish on a laminate or vinyl floor is definitely not recommended.

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Question: “How Long Does a Wood Floor Cleaning Take?”

Answer: The amount of time needed for your wood floor cleaning will depend on the size of the area you’re having cleaned, the severity of the dirt buildup, and if you’re having the wood floor refinished.

A normal wood floor cleaning and refinishing takes about sixty minutes for 250 square feet of flooring. Of course, this time isn’t set in stone. Your wood floor cleaning technician will take as long as necessary to ensure you receive the best possible service.

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Question: “What Makes You Different from Other Wood Floor Specialists?”

Answer: Traditionally, if you wanted your floors refinished, you had to sand away the top layer and finish the floor again. It’s dusty, noisy, expensive, and your home will be taken over during the process.

With Oxi Fresh’s wood floor cleaning system, you can avoid all of that inconvenience. Oxi Fresh cleans away years of built-up up dirt and oils and applies a new, glossy coat of finish that leaves floors looking incredible. They do all of this with convenient, efficient appointments and without any sanding.

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Question: “If You’’re Not Sanding the Floor,  Couldn’t I Clean It and Get the Same Results?”

Answer: While regular mopping is definitely recommended to maintain a floor, it won’t achieve the same deep cleaning results that Oxi Fresh’s wood floor cleaning system provides. Our machine and products work in tandem for a uniquely powerful wood floor cleaning that can’t be matched by conventional methods.

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Question: “What Types of Finish Do You Offer?”

Answer: Oxi Fresh’s gloss finish creates a wonderful shine that highlights the natural beauty of your floor.

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Question: “Do I Have to Leave the House During the Wood Floor Cleaning?”

Answer: You don’t need to leave your home during the wood floor cleaning process. If you are having the floor refinished, you will need to follow these rules as the finish sets:

1. During the First Two Hours: Do not walk on the floors at all.
2. During the First Twenty-Four Hours: Keep traffic to a minimum and wear socks when walking on the floor. Do not allow pets onto the floor.
3. After Twenty-Four Hours: Furniture and rugs may be moved back, but you should put felt pads on the underside of all furniture.
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Question: “Do You Have a Guarantee?”

Answer: Oxi Fresh is proud to stand behind its seven day redo policy for its wood floor cleaning services. To schedule a redo, just call 1-877-OXI-FRESH.

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