Woman smelling the fresh air. Oxi Fresh's bacterial inhibitor allows for greater air quality, which is healthier for your children and pets.

Bacterial Inhibitor

Keeping your home healthy and clean can be a challenge, but that’s why Oxi fresh is here for you. Whether it’s tile and grout, carpet, upholstery, or wood floors, our cleaning systems can revitalize your home and get it looking great.

Of course, it’s not just about appearances, which is why Oxi Fresh is also proud to offer our Bacterial Inhibitor. This anti-microbial agent uses nanotechnology to form a microscopic “bed of needles” on textiles and hard surface. This barrier kills and inhibits the growth of a variety of bacteria, fungi, and algae, which will help keep your home healthier and smelling fresher.

Best of all, this bacteria, fungi, and algae inhibiting barrier will continue to fight these microbes after application, fighting the odors, stains and deterioration caused by those nasty microbes.

Ask your cleaner about it today!