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Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning
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  • Why Did They Choose Oxi Fresh

    Why Did You Choose Oxi Fresh?

    That question is an important one - why? Why have so many picked Oxi Fresh over the hundreds of other franchising opportunities out there? What made us unique and valuable in our franchisees' eyes? Watch the video find out.

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  • Oxi Fresh Customer Service

    Customer Service

    Customers are the foundation of our company. Without them, Oxi Fresh wouldn't succeed, so we do everything we can to make them happy. Hear what our franchisees have to say about serving their customers.

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  • Oxi Fresh vs The Competition

    Oxi Fresh vs. The Competition

    There are a lot of carpet cleaners out there, but, as our Franchisees have heard from their customers, Oxi Fresh stands out as being the best cleaner available. Find out why by watching the video below.

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  • Ben Schafer

    Ben Schafer Oxi Fresh of Tacoma

    Starting in late 2009, Ben is one of our youngest and best performing franchisees. His commitment to customer services and growing his business comes out in everything he does. Hear what he has to say about Oxi Fresh.

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  • Jose Perez

    Jose Perez Oxi Fresh of Greater New Orleans

    Everybody wants to succeed in business, and Jose is no expectation. A passionate owner, he wants and is making his New Orleans franchise one of the best out there. We're proud to have him on the team and to share his thoughts on Oxi Fresh.

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  • Joe Sullivan

    Joe Sullivan Oxi Fresh of Eastern PA

    Joe is one of our earliest franchisees and, since day one, he and his son have been making their Oxi Fresh stand out. Their determination and business know-how have allowed them to dramatically expand into one of the largest franchises in the entire Oxi Fresh system. Learn why this sharp business mind chose Oxi Fresh over all the others.

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  • Brian Powell

    Brian Powell Oxi Fresh of Johnson City

    Brian wants to see that each of his customers is well cared for and satisfied with their cleaning. This focus on his customers has made him a valuable member of the Oxi Fresh team. When Brian was asked about Oxi Fresh, this is what he said.

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  • Chris Souk

    Chris Souk Oxi Fresh of the Carolinas

    A leader among the many Oxi Fresh franchisees, Chris Souk has brought his franchise to success through handwork and innovation. Hear what he has to say about his experiences with Oxi Fresh.

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  • Mary Beth Mahoney

    Mary Beth Mahoney Oxi Fresh of Central Illinois

    With an eye for detail and a thorough nature, Mary Beth leaves no stone unturned when she looks for ways to grow and improve her business. Here's what she said about Oxi Fresh and her decision to invest in us.

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  • Jeff McCormick

    Jeff McCormick Oxi Fresh of Lincoln/Omaha

    Jeff's been with Oxi Fresh for a long time, seeing how both his business and the company has grown and changed over the years. Listen to his perspective on Oxi Fresh and it's direction.

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