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Business Costs

Starting a new business can be very challenging. Finding the right employees, getting the correct licenses, making sure everything follows standards – and these are just part of the challenge. Another major obstacle is cost. Thankfully, one of the great things about an Oxi Fresh franchise are the low startup fees and low overhead expenses.

Oxi Fresh can be operated out of the home, meaning that you don’t have to purchase a store front. Also, since Oxi Fresh uses portable equipment and doesn’t require large amounts of water, you don’t have to purchase specialized vans. All of this ends up decreasing the amount you have to spend when you operate an Oxi Fresh franchise. Also, an Oxi Fresh franchise starts with two OF1000 Carpet Cleaning machines, one Oxi Fresh Upholstery Cleaning Machine and a start up pack of products. When you begin expanding, Oxi Fresh machines cost approximately $2700 and Oxi Fresh upholstery cleaning machines only cost about $850.

Oxi Fresh Franchising Co., Inc. is also proud of the fact that it does not take any percentage of sales from its franchise owners. Many of our competitors have been known to take up to 10% of their franchisees’ sales. Instead we require a low monthly royalty fee of $295 per month, making us one of the best investment franchise opportunities.

Business Costs Chart

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