@oxifresh is Giving $150 Carpet Cleaning Gift Cert. to 75th RT! RT Now! #contest

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Yes, you heard it correctly. Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is running a contest on Twitter, and it is so easy to enter!

The 75th person to retweet this tweet will win:

@oxifresh is giving $150 Carpet Cleaning Gift Cert. to 75th RT! RT now to Win! http://bit.ly/cYGZ0O #contest

Simply retweet the tweet above for your chance to win! To retweet this post you can either copy and paste the text into your Twitter account or click the Tweet button below.

If you happen to be the 75th person to retweet this post you will receive $150 worth of carpet cleaning for your residence or business!

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Keep your house, carpets and furniture clean with Oxi Fresh!

More on Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

So how does Oxi Fresh go about a residential carpet cleaning? Well, the specialist will start with the carpet cleaning services by spraying your carpet with our green cleaning products. This sits on the carpet while he sprays other rooms, all the while actively breaking up dirt and stains and making them easy to remove. The Oxi Fresh specialist will then begin the residential carpet cleaning with the OF1000, our carpet cleaning machine. Don’t worry, it’s actually very quite, more so than most vacuums.

The advantage of such a thorough, deep scrubbing system is that it promotes a healthier environment for your family by removing dust mites, allergens, soils, and contaminants. The Oxi Fresh residential carpet cleaning process has a fast, one-hour dry time, eliminating over saturation of your carpet and keeping your carpet pad dry. No matter how big or small your project, Oxi Fresh’s effective residential carpet cleaning method will help extend the life of your carpet and protect you and your family’s health.