Make Magic Markers Stains Vanish from Clothes!

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Happy little boy is playing with colorful markers, isolated over white

Scribble scribble scribble – the kiddos are doodling, drawing big swoops and curves with their magic markers. But then, right as they’re finishing off the princess’s dress with an energetic flourish, the marker skips right off the page and onto their shirt.

While your kids probably won’t mind a new splash of color on their clothes, you sure do. Thankfully we’ve got a great tip on how to save their shirt or dress from magic marker stains!

What You’ll Need
– Rubbing Alcohol (tougher fabrics) or a Lemon (normal fabrics)
– Towels

Step 1
Start by laying down a clean towel and laying the item on it, stain down.

Step 2
Next, wet a towel with either the lemon juice or rubbing alcohol and blot the back of the spot, working from the outside edge toward the center. The goal is to break down the stain and get the other towel to absorb it.

For tougher fabrics, you can use rubbing alcohol. For normal fabrics, use lemon; for delicate fibers (silk or satin), dilute the lemon juice 1:1 with water.*

*Always taking care when using homemade solutions on your clothing. Test the solution on a small corner of the item to make sure it won’t cause color loss or damage. Remember to be especially careful it the item is made of natural fibers. 

Step 3
Once no more of the stain is coming out, run cold water through the back of the item to rinse out the alcohol/lemon juice and hopefully force out more of the staining material.

Step 4
Launder the item right away, but examine it before drying to make sure the spot is gone. If it remains, retreat the item one more time.

And that’s it – the magic marker mark should be gone. We hope this helps as you work hard to keep your home (and kids) clean. Remember, if you ever need any help with carpet, upholstery, tile and grout, or wood floor cleaning, Oxi Fresh is here for you!

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