It’s All About the List – Oxi Fresh and the Franchise 500

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People like lists. Whether it’s a top ten, a list of recent award winners, a “Six Things You Didn’t Know” list, a compilation of the best songs from a decade, or any other number of lists, we just eat them up. Why do we like them so much?

It has to be that these lists are condensed interest. The author handpicks, out of a vast sea of information, the most captivating ideas/facts/videos/etc. and combines them for us into fast, easy to digest factoids. You don’t have to spend an hour surfing the web for fun facts about ______ when there’s a nice top ten already waiting for you.

To be fair, though, lists aren’t just frivolous, fun things. Often they serve as important tools, helping readers to quickly and effectively learn, discover trends, or do any number of tasks. And an extremely useful list for entrepreneur’s is the Franchise 500, put out by Entrepreneur magazine every year. It’s a compilation of the top 500 franchises currently available, based on growth rate, longevity, years franchising, financial stability, and numerous other factors. Getting on this list is quite an honor, especially when you consider the thousands of franchising systems out there.

Last year, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning ranked #391 – not bad. For their 2011 rankings, though, we rose 265 places in their ranking to #126! This enormous leap in the ranking reflects Oxi Fresh’s strong growth, excellent stability, consistent quality, and commitment to it’s franchisee’s success. Of course, Oxi Fresh didn’t just stay on the Franchise 500 list.

Entrepreneur also runs simultaneous rankings for Fastest Growing, Top Home Based, Top New, and Top Low Cost franchises. Oxi Fresh ranked in each of these! For Top New they were ranked #3, for Fastest Growing they were ranked #63, for Low Cost they were ranked #26, and for Top Home Based they were ranked #34. It’s quite astonishing to be ranked so highly in some many categories, and Oxi Fresh couldn’t be more pleased.

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