Tips & Tricks: 4 Awesome Football Snacks

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Chips, dip, pizza, and subs – your bog-standard football snacks. They’re easy to make (or buy), people won’t complain, but they’re not exactly gastronomical delights. This year, why not switch things up for the last big game of the year with these four awesome recipes.

Buffalos in a Bowl
Do you like buffalo wings? Do you like dips? Do you like easy recipes? Then this buffalo chicken dip is perfect. It’s tasty, has a nice but not over-powering heat, and is a lot tidier than a tray of wings.

Check out the recipe here. There’s just one little modification we suggest making – swap out the canned chicken for rotisserie chicken.

Pull-Apart Pizza
Here’s a handy dish that’s the perfect balance between pizza and finger-food. This pull-apart pizza let’s your guests enjoy their pepperoni and mozzarella treats without having to commit to a big ol’ slice of the stuff (plus it’s cheaper than delivery).

Check out the recipe here.

Health(ier) Onion Rings
Onion rings are super tasty but not particularly healthy – in fact, they’re pretty darn bad for you. Thankfully, this recipe for baked onion rings strike a great balance between health and flavor.

Check out the recipe here.

Cocoa Krispie Footballs
It can’t all be savory or spicy snacks – you’ve got to have the sweets too! These football-shaped cocoa krispie treats are fun, easy, and will be a big hit with the kids and the grown-ups!

Check out the recipe here.

Thanks to Rose Bleszcz and Jeff Mauro at Food Network, Karen at In the Kitchen with KP, and Katie Dillon at LaJollaMom.