Earth Day

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In the Spring of 1969 in the Santa Barbara Channel, a team had just finished drilling an new oil well when there was a blow out – oil, gas, and mud burst out of the new pipe. The crews tried to seal the pipe but by the time they did, the ocean floor itself was leaking massive amounts of oil. What followed was among the worse oil spills in American history, spanning several weeks of new ruptures, failed repair attempts that made the situation worse, and massive environmental damage.

What it also did, though, was inspire Senator Gaylord Nelson. He had visited the site and was driven to do act, to do something about the widespread environmental destruction he saw happening all over America. One year later, with over 20 million people participating, there was a teach-in about the environment called Earth Day. Forty years later, it’s a global event focused on celebrating the earth, striving to make our homes, businesses, and governments more green, and fighting environmental destruction everywhere.

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is one among many businesses who’s commitment to being environmentally friendly is due to the activists of the past and present – people who have and still work to keep the well-being of the environment in the forefront of everyone’s minds. Their efforts has affected the way we all think and work, so to them we say thank you. Thank you for striving to create a healthier world for us and, we hope, we can return the favor in some small way by providing green carpet cleanings.

Oxi Fresh wishes everyone a happy Earth Day on April 22nd.

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