The Spotlight: Conquering the Cola!

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ColaThe moment the cola comes out of the fridge on Game Day, you know it’s going to happen. The pop is going to end up on the carpet. Maybe it will be when John is reaching for the dip, when Sue is filling her cup or when that unbelievable play makes everyone jump off the couch.

Either way, you’re left with an ugly cola stain on what was a nice, clean rug. Don’t worry, here’s a great solution from eHow:What You’ll Need
Baking Soda
Spray Bottle
Clean Towels
Hydrogen Peroxide

– Step 1 –
Use a clean towel to blot up the soda as quickly as you can. Don’t scrub at the spot or you’ll spread it around – just blot.

Step 2 –
In a spray bottle, mix one part baking soda with two parts water.*

Step 3 –
Spritz the stain with the mixture and let it dwell for 30 seconds.

Step 4 –
Blot the spot with a clean towel, working from the outside edge toward the center. Do this until no more of the stain comes up.

Step 5 –
With a clean towel, blot the area dry.

Step 6 –
Spritz the area with water and blot dry to remove any remaining residue.

Step 7 (If Stain Remains) –
Wet a towel with a small amount of Hydrogen Peroxide and blot the spot until no more of the stain comes up.* Spritz the area with water and blot dry to remove any remaining residue.

*Before you start cleaning, make sure you test these solutions on your carpet to ensure there is no color loss. Find an inconspicuous area, blot a small amount of the product onto it and let it dwell for thirty seconds. If you notice any color loss, don’t use the solution. Be sure to rinse and dry the area you tested.

And that should take care of your spot. If it’s a really nasty spill, remember that everyone on the Oxi Fresh team are stain removal experts. We can help you tackle even the worst spots and spills and bring new life to your carpet. Visit us at to schedule your appointment online!

Thanks to the eHow team for the great information!