As You Like It – Convenient Carpet Cleaning

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Let’s all be honest, we like it when things are incredibly convenient. Cooking every meal was once the norm – as was doing the heavy preparation of things like baking and canning – and now we can, without getting out of our cars, get hot food for an entire family in a manner of minutes. It’s really nice to be able to do that, isn’t it? Of course, making a meal for your family isn’t something we’d want to stop doing, it’s just nice to have an easy alternative in case we don’t have the time to cook. So, if we have such convenience when it comes to food (and hundreds of other areas as well) why are carpet cleanings so annoying and inconvenient?

To start, a lot of carpet cleaning companies do not book for specific times, but rather windows. That means they can say “We’ll be there between 2 and 4” and you’re stuck waiting for them to arrive. Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly when your cleaner was arriving? That way you could schedule the cleaning into your day rather then your day around a carpet cleaning. Well, if you schedule a cleaning with Oxi Fresh, that’s just what you can do. Rather than making you wait, we book appointments for specific times and strive to always be there right on time.

There are other ways we are convenient, though, that can end up saving you a lot of time. One of the ways we’re easy on your schedule is our fast dry times. Where most steam cleaners will leave your carpets wet for 12-36 hours, our carpets generally dry in about an hour. That means if you get your living room cleaned in the afternoon, it should be dry by the evening. Have a party coming up? Get your carpets cleaned in the morning and your party in the evening without a problem. Getting a fast drying carpet cleaning is pretty nice, isn’t it? (If you want to read more about our drying times and our focus on water conservation, click here.)

Of course, convenience is all well and good, but only if the final product is worthwhile. I’d rather wait a while for a good cleaning than get a bad one which is done quickly. Thankfully, Oxi Fresh is not only convenient, with exact appointments and fast dry times, but we also provide world-class cleanings. Our normal process gets rid of most stains – including pet stains – and can turn a carpet that looked like it was on it’s final legs into one that looks and feels fresh and clean.

So the next time you need a green carpet cleaning that is convenient for you, just call Oxi Fresh!