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Getting your carpets cleaned regularly is important to maintaing a healthy looking home. Wait too long and dirt will slowly get ground into the carpet and make it unsightly. Wait way too long and that dirt will become a permanent feature of the carpet, significantly shortening its life. Regular carpet cleanings can add years to the life of a carpet, making it a wise investment. Of course, then the question becomes how much does it cost to clean carpets?

Well, one thing is certain, carpet cleaning costs should never break the bank. Average carpet cleaning costs are often high, making it impossible for many to properly take care of their carpets. That’s why Oxi Fresh works hard to keep the cost of carpet cleaning down. Our lower carpet cleaning costs does not mean, though, that your service will be inhibited in anyway – quite the opposite in fact. As one of the best carpet cleaner companies, we continue to find new ways to help families get spotless carpets for a great price while never using inferior carpet cleaning methods. We also use highly effective, green cleaning solutions in our main cleaning system – not overly harsh carpet cleaning chemicals that can damage the environment.

Our goal at Oxi Fresh is to give customers the best of both worlds – an incredible cleaning with a low carpet cleaning cost. Well, we’ve met that goal and all that you have to do now is give us a call. To get the right phone number and some carpet cleaning coupons with our professional carpet cleaning costs, just use the Franchise Finder below.

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BG. - Elizabeth, CO - 09/14/2019
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
Did a excellent job PB. - Charlotte, NC - 09/14/2019
(5.0 Out of 5 stars)
This was the first time not using the normal company I use. I saw you guys had a deal so wanted to jump on it. Dylan was a nice kid, professional and even called to see if I wanted an earlier service, which I did. At a glance it looked good, got the stains out and run looked wet/cleaned. After Dylan left I walked down again for a closer look and the machine didn’t get the 1-1/2” of carpet by the walls. Both on the floors and the stairs. I vacuumed a couple of times so the carpet already looked good, but touching the 1-1/2”, it was all completely dry and still had little dust bunnies and a little dog hair on the stairs and against walls. Not the end of the world, but def need to focus on getting those hard to reach places. It only took him 35 min to do the whole job, so could def take a little more time for extra detail for the jobs. I did give him a tip, but was thrown off with that as well. Usually most companies just bill you, so didn’t expect to be asked for a tip. to start it sounds like a great deal but the amount for spot treatments and then a tip, I ended up paying $30 more than my usual guys. What did get treated looks really good today, so you guys do have a good thing going, but need more to be GREAT. EG. - Bismarck, ND - 09/14/2019
(3.0 Out of 5 stars)

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