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Oxi Fresh Associations – EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)


Environmental Protection Agency, Design for the Environment

EPAThe EPA’s Design for the Environment Partnership Program – the Environmental Protection Agency has always sought to educate people about their impact on the environment and to combat pollution and waste in all of it’s forms. In order to help them achieve this goal in the business world, they have formed a partnership program called Design for the Environment. The goal of this partnership is to work with companies to identify the dangers and problems with chemicals in their products and then to come up with safe alternatives. Going through this process is time consuming and challenging, as every chemical is individually examined and then considered as part of a whole product. If a product has passed this test, which can take months, it is allowed to use the Design for the Environment label – a rare distinction that proves products can be both safe for the environment and provide high quality performance. If you’d like to know more, visit their website at

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