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WISCONSIN Carpet Cleaning

It doesn’t seem like most Wisconsin carpet cleaning methods were created with either the carpets or the customer in mind. Take steam cleaning. This WI carpet cleaning service soaks your carpet, increases your chances of wickback, and takes your rooms hostage until the floors dry - which can take 12 to 36 hours. Not exactly what you dream of in a Wisconsin carpet cleaning.

Counties in Wisconsin

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning, on the other hand, was created with both Wisconsin carpet cleanings results and customer convenience in mind. Our low-moisture, residential carpet cleanings in Wisconsin leave floors clean, soft, fresh, and dry in about one hour.

But how can our Wisconsin carpet cleaning method achieve all that if it’s “low-moisture?” Doesn’t a Wisconsin carpet cleaner have to soak the floor to get it clean? Not if they’re using our green solutions and powerful Wisconsin carpet cleaning machine.

Oxi Fresh’s Wisconsin Carpet Cleanings

At the start of a Wisconsin carpet cleaning, we spray the floor with our special cleaning solution, a combination of an encapsulator and oxygenated booster. Immediately, the oxygen in the Wisconsin carpet cleaning solution goes to work, attacking the dirt and oils embedded among the carpet fibers.

Meanwhile, the encapsulator forms microscopic crystals around the broken-up dirt the debris. Those crystals serve a dual purpose, for they ensure that dirt doesn’t reattach to the carpet during the Wisconsin carpet cleaning and they make the debris easy to remove.

After the Wisconsin carpet cleaning solution has done its work, our WI carpet cleaners break out our revolutionary machine. As we go over the carpet with the Wisconsin carpet cleaning machine, its two large brushes capture the encapsulated dirt and oils deep in the pile and then lift them all up and out of the carpet.

This combination of our pile-lifting machine and effective Wisconsin carpet cleaning solutions means we don’t require 40 to 60 gallons of water to clean a home. As a matter of fact, our Wisconsin carpet cleanings get superior results while only using about 2 gallons!

Your Wisconsin Carpet Cleaning Appointment

So if you need a Wisconsin carpet cleaning and want a cleaner who can provide great results without soaking your floor, Oxi Fresh is the company for you. To schedule your Wisconsin carpet cleaning appointment, put your zipcode into the Franchise Finder. You’ll get the right number to call and some great Wisconsin carpet cleaning coupons! We look forward to making your carpets look and feel fresh again.

For more information about Oxi Fresh, try our carpet cleaning blog. To learn more about our Wisconsin carpet cleaning locations, try the links below:

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