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WASHINGTON Carpet Cleaning

Your carpet is an investment. A good looking, well-maintained carpet greatly adds to the value of your home while a damaged, dirty carpet takes value away. Naturally, you’ll want to protect your investment, which means you’ll need professional, Washington carpet cleaning services.

Counties in Washington

Now you have to pick the right WA carpet cleaner. Many Washington carpet cleaning companies out there offer steam cleaning, an old fashion method that leaves your carpets soaked for 12-36 hours. Other Washington carpet cleaners use the spin-bonnet method, which compresses your carpet pile. There is, however, an alternative Washington carpet cleaning company.

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning in Washington is a company with a modern carpet cleaning method. It uses a low moisture system that allows carpets to dry quickly, usually in about an hour; their Washington carpet cleaning products are environmentally friendly and safe for pets and children; and, of course, their Washington carpet cleanings are incredible.

An Ideal Washington Carpet Cleaning

An Oxi Fresh Washington carpet cleaning appointment begins with their unique cleaning solution. This WA carpet cleaning product, a combination of an oxygenated booster and an encapsulator, is sprayed on the floor at the start of each appointment. Once it hits the floor, the Washington carpet cleaning begins in earnest.

The oxygen immediately starts breaking up the grime that has latched onto the carpet fibers. During the Washington carpet cleaning it will go after pet stains, oils, high traffic areas, and much more. The encapsulator follows in the oxygen’s wake, rapidly forming microscopic crystals around the broken up debris and preparing the floor for the next step in the Washington carpet cleaning.

And that next step is using Oxi Fresh’s Washington carpet cleaning machine - a revolutionary device with dual, counter-rotating brushes. When it’s used on the carpet, those brushes reach into the pile and capture all that encapsulated debris. The Washington carpet cleaning brushes then lift the dirt up and out of the carpet and into the machine.

Scheduling a Washington Carpet Cleaning

After an Oxi Fresh green carpet cleaning, your floors will look and feel fresh again. They’ll dry in about one hour. They won’t be compressed and need to be raked back up. They’ll be soft. In other words, they’ll be just the way they should be. With an Oxi Fresh Washington carpet cleaning, you can rest easy knowing that you’re taking care of your investment.

To book a Washington carpet cleaning, just use the Franchise Finder below. You’ll get the right number to call and some carpet cleaning coupons!

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