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VERMONT Carpet Cleaning

Well, the time has come. The high traffic areas, the spots, the dirt from the dog - there’s no denying that you need a good Vermont carpet cleaning. Of course, now you have to pick a VT carpet cleaner. Naturally, you’ll want to be well informed before you make a decision, but that isn’t always easy.

Counties in Vermont

Many Vermont carpet cleaning ads don’t explain how the company cleans or what makes them the ideal VT carpet cleaning business. They list their carpet cleaning costs and a phone number, but not what makes their Vermont carpet cleanings superior.

At Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning, we want to make it clear why we’re the best Vermont carpet cleaners. So let’s take a close look at our Vermont carpet cleaning method and what makes it both different and better than the others out there.

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning in Vermont

Most cleaners use the steam cleaning method. During a Vermont carpet cleaning, they pump hot water and chemicals into the carpet and then try to suck it all up. To be frank, this Vermont carpet cleaning method is old-fashion, wasteful, and incredibly inconvenient.

These cleaners will use 40 to 60 gallons of water during a Vermont carpet cleaning which they are then supposed to extract. Many gallons are left behind, however, and that means dirty, oily water is left in the carpet and the dry time will be between 12 to 36 hours. Is it any wonder that with Vermont carpet cleaning results like this, people dread carpet cleaning?

At Oxi Fresh, we knew things had to change. We would not depend on old methods, so we created a revolutionary Vermont carpet cleaning system founded on the power of oxygen and technology, not hot water. Our new system meant we could deal away with 95% of the water other cleaners needed - making for dry times of just one hour.

This is possible because our Vermont carpet cleaning solution, a combination of an oxygenated booster and an encapsulator, doesn’t need much water to be effective. When it’s sprayed on the floor during the Vermont carpet cleaning, it immediately starts breaking up oils and dirt and forming microscopic crystals around the broken up debris.

Once the Vermont carpet cleaning solution has done its work, we go over the carpets with our unique machine. Its dual, counter-rotating brushes reach deep into the carpet pile and capture the encapsulated debris. The Vermont carpet cleaning machine then lifts the debris up and into its receptacles, removing it from the carpet pile.

Your Vermont Carpet Cleaning Company

The end result of our professional carpet cleaning is a floor rejuvenated. It will look and feel years younger and you won’t be inconvenienced by long dry times. Our Vermont carpet cleaning is the best choice for your floor.

To schedule a Vermont carpet cleaning, use the Franchise Finder to get the right number to call and some carpet cleaning coupons. We look forward to making your floor look and fresh again.

You can read more about Oxi Fresh in our carpet cleaning blog. Follow the links below to learn more about our Vermont carpet cleaning locations:

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