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"The technician was so friendly! He was quick, yet got the job done right. We have...

- Tara Reed


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Residential Testimonials

We’ve told you a lot about Oxi Fresh. We’ve explained how we clean with the power of oxygen and why we’re a green carpet cleaner. But what do our customers have to say?

With every appointment, we send out a survey for our customers to fill out, and here are the unfiltered results. We believe that sharing these with you will only help us improve and will show you how much we can do for your home.

Passive   9/10  -  October 29, 2014

Was able to make an appointment online for service later that week without any hassles. The guy showed up on time, was extremely friendly, and did an excellent job at cleaning our carpet!

- K.O Concord, NC

Passive   10/10  -  October 29, 2014

Everything cleaned great and Paul who worked on our carpets was super nice and did a phenomenal job!

- J.L Saint Paul, MN

Passive   10/10  -  October 29, 2014

Carpet cleaners went over details, what they will be doing.

- S.B Columbia, MO

Passive   9/10  -  October 29, 2014

No comments.

- L.C Wichita, KS

Passive   10/10  -  October 29, 2014

We are proud of our home and strive to keep it nice looking and clean. We have our carpets cleaned on an average of every 4 months. Over the years we have tried a number of different companies and cleaning techniques. We have high density plush carpet in

- D.N Broomfield, CO

Passive   8/10  -  October 28, 2014

The carpets just don't seem to be as clean as what a steam cleaner would do. Darrow was great, though.

- S.P Corte Madera, CA

Passive   9/10  -  October 28, 2014

High work ethic, pleasant personalities, no compromise to quality and desires of homemaker

- K.F Millbrae, CA

Passive   9/10  -  October 28, 2014

No comments.

- K.C Cockeysville, MD

Passive   10/10  -  October 28, 2014

They work well

- A.N Springfield , IL

Passive   7/10  -  October 28, 2014

There are some aspects of Oxi Fresh that I like. However, some parts of my carpet did not dry in over 24 hours. Some parts of my carpet were still dirty. So something needs to be added in a final step to remove dirt that is still in the carpets. I simp

- M.S St. Joseph, MO