Testimonials - Tani D'Angleo

Amazing Experience

"Amazing experience with Oxi Fresh. Our technician was great. Got here on time, ca...

- Tani D'Angleo


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Residential Testimonials

We’ve told you a lot about Oxi Fresh. We’ve explained how we clean with the power of oxygen and why we’re a green carpet cleaner. But what do our customers have to say?

With every appointment, we send out a survey for our customers to fill out, and here are the unfiltered results. We believe that sharing these with you will only help us improve and will show you how much we can do for your home.

Passive   9/10  -  December 14, 2014

Environmentally friendly. OK for pets

- D.P Fargo, ND

Passive   10/10  -  December 14, 2014

Your carpets actually get clean and stay looking great for months, not just hours.

- M.W Mill Valley, CA

Passive   10/10  -  December 14, 2014

No comments.

- W.H Stanley, NC

Passive   10/10  -  December 14, 2014

Good price. Great online booking system. Technician showed up on time and was very friendly.

- A.P Minneapolis, MN

Passive   10/10  -  December 14, 2014

Thought Oxi employee very polite and thorough

- J.H Annapolis, MD

Passive   10/10  -  December 14, 2014

No comments.

- B.L Williamston, SC

Passive   10/10  -  December 14, 2014

Very pleasant scent. Brought the color back to life. No sticky residue. Dried very quickly compared to other products. We are very pleased with the outcome.

- D.M Wichita, KS

Passive   10/10  -  December 14, 2014

The products cleaned the carpets almost back to new looking and there was no odor. The service was affordable and the person who provided the service was very friendly, informative and helpful.

- A.S Indian Trail, NC

Passive   10/10  -  December 14, 2014

I love that it us safe for animals, and is green!!!!

- C.R Maricopa, AZ

Passive   8/10  -  December 14, 2014

No comments.

- Y.H Aurora, CO