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Can't Beat The Service

"Our tech was on time, friendly, and took his time with our carpets and sofa to ma...

- Tamara Edwards


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Residential Testimonials

We’ve told you a lot about Oxi Fresh. We’ve explained how we clean with the power of oxygen and why we’re a green carpet cleaner. But what do our customers have to say?

With every appointment, we send out a survey for our customers to fill out, and here are the unfiltered results. We believe that sharing these with you will only help us improve and will show you how much we can do for your home.

Passive   9/10  -  October 30, 2014

My carpets were in terrible shape, they look almost new now. I only wish I had been able to move the couch so the carpet underneath would also be clean.

- M.M Charlotte, NC

Passive   8/10  -  October 30, 2014

Spend a little more time to assure everything is clean.

- D.M Anchorage, AK

Passive   10/10  -  October 30, 2014

Fast, effective, efficient service. Loved the low moisture product. The price was right, and could get back to the business of enjoying, our now, fresh and clean home.

- P.S Escondido, CA

Passive   10/10  -  October 30, 2014

Received great service

- S.M Charlotte, NC

Passive   10/10  -  October 29, 2014

Glenn and his partner did an excellent cleaning job on dirty carpets. It dried very quickly. They were very accommodating.

- K.M Solana Beach, CA

Passive   10/10  -  October 29, 2014

No comments.

- L.V Solana Beach, CA

Passive   10/10  -  October 29, 2014

Best cleaning ever had. Zack was great.

- J.C Sonoma, CA

Passive   9/10  -  October 29, 2014

great service, efficient and quick.

- J.L Orléans, ON

Passive   10/10  -  October 29, 2014

Carpet cleaning was done with care. The carpet is clean and stains were removed.

- D.A Little Neck, NY

Passive   10/10  -  October 29, 2014

No comments.

- E.P Loveland, CO