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SOUTH DAKOTA Carpet Cleaning

Kids and pets are a delight, bringing you great joy and lasting memories. They also have the unfortunate habit of bringing great amounts of dirt right across your clean carpets. No one can forget how wonderful that day in the park was, nor can you forget the mud tracked in by paws and small feet.

Counties in South Dakota

The Right South Dakota Carpet Cleaning

There are plenty of South Dakota carpet cleaning tips that can help you deal with those spots and spills, but eventually you’ll need a visit from a professional SD carpet cleaner. Ideally, you’ll want to schedule an appointment with a South Dakota carpet cleaning company that is not only effective, but also convenient and safe for your family.

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is that company. We provide the best, green carpet cleaning in South Dakota. Our cleaning solutions have been carefully designed and tested to ensure that they’re safe for pets, children, and the environment. Our commitment to providing a safe cleaning has even earned one of our South Dakota carpet cleaning products the EPA’s coveted Design for the Environment seal.

A safe South Dakota carpet cleaning is good, but it also needs to get the job done. It could be as safe as playing with puppies in a padded room packed with pillows, but if it can’t get out that high traffic area, it’s not a good South Dakota carpet cleaning. Not to worry though, because Oxi Fresh’s SD carpet cleaning solutions are highly effective, thanks to the power of oxygen.

Oxi Fresh’s chief South Dakota carpet cleaning solution is a combination an oxygenated booster and an encapsulator. When sprayed on the carpet, the oxygen immediately starts breaking up pet stains, dirt, and oils while the encapsulator forms microscopic crystals around all the debris. This prepares the carpet for the next part of our South Dakota carpet cleaning - the machine.

After the solution has done its work, our South Dakota carpet cleaners go over the carpet with our unique cleaning machine. Rather than scrubbing downwards, like the brushes on a spin-bonnet machine, our South Dakota carpet cleaning device’s brushes rotate upwards and inwards. This captures and removes dirt and debris while lifting and refreshing the carpet pile.

Scheduling Your South Dakota Carpet Cleaning

The end result of our green South Dakota carpet cleaning is a floor that feels, looks, and smells fresh. Also, it should dry in about one hour. Oxi Fresh’s low-moisture South Dakota carpet cleaning method only uses about 2 gallons of water to clean a home. Steam South Dakota carpet cleaning companies, on the other hand, use 30-60 gallons, leading to dry-times of 12-36 hours.

Besides the convenience of fast dry times, Oxi Fresh’s South Dakota carpet cleaning appointments are also easy on your schedule. We don’t make you book your South Dakota carpet cleaning appointment in a window slot. We’re not going to make you sit around all afternoon, just waiting for us to show up. When you schedule a cleaning, we’ll be there at your specific appointment time.

So if your carpet has been “blessed” with a few paw-prints or juice spills, let Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning help. To set up an appointment, use the Franchise finder below to get the right number to call and some South Dakota carpet cleaning coupons!

You can read more about Oxi Fresh in our South Dakota carpet cleaning blog. To learn more about our South Dakota carpet cleaning locations, try these links:

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