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OKLAHOMA Carpet Cleaning

No matter where you live in Oklahoma, or anywhere really, keeping your carpets clean is a challenge. There’s always someone or something to get it dirty, whether that’s kids, pets, or a spill-prone friend. Regular vacuuming and these carpet cleaning tips can help keep it fresh longer, but eventually everyone needs an Oklahoma carpet cleaning service.

Counties in Oklahoma

Finding an Oklahoma Carpet Cleaner

When you schedule your residential carpet cleaning in Oklahoma, however, you’re faced with a new, unfortunate challenge - trying to find a OK carpet cleaner who won’t soak your carpets. Many businesses in Oklahoma still subscribe to the old fashion steam carpet cleaning method, which can leave your floor soaked for well over a day.

Thankfully, there’s a new OK carpet cleaning company out there who uses a revolutionary low moisture system - Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning. Using a small fraction of the water steam cleaners use, our Oklahoma carpet cleaning company can get exceptional results and leave you with carpets that will dry in an hour. How? Well, it all comes down to oxygen.

The Best Oklahoma Carpet Cleaning Company

Oxi Fresh’s unique Oklahoma carpet cleaning system combines a highly effective oxygenated booster with an encapsulator. These together will break apart the dirt, spots, and high traffic areas in your carpet while also forming microscopic crystals around the broken up debris.

Once our product has done its work, we go over the carpets with our Oklahoma carpet cleaning machine. This revolutionary device doesn’t scrub down or compress the pile like some Oklahoma carpet cleaning machines. Instead, its dual, counter-rotating brushes lift dirt and debris up and out of the carpet.

This, combined with the encapsulation that makes debris easy to remove, results in a Oklahoma carpet cleaning that is second to none. It dries quickly, leaves the carpet fibers upright and soft, and the floor itself looks and feels years younger. Oxi Fresh manages to do all that while still being a green Oklahoma carpet cleaning business.

Oxi Fresh and Green Oklahoma Carpet Cleanings

Oxi Fresh knows we need to protect our environment, and one of our big efforts has been to conserve water. Oxi Fresh’s unique Oklahoma carpet cleaning system was designed to prevent over-saturation of the carpet. This is not only convenient for customers, who enjoy a one hour dry time, but our Oklahoma carpet cleaning method also ends up saving tens of thousands of gallons of water.

Oxi Fresh also prides itself on not using harsh Oklahoma carpet cleaning chemicals in its main cleaning system. All of our products are carefully designed and tested to be safe for the environment, for children, and for pets. One of our chief Oklahoma carpet cleaning products has even received the EPA’s Design for the Environment certification - no mean feat.

Scheduling Your Oklahoma Carpet Cleaning

Oxi Fresh’s Oklahoma carpet cleaning appointments are green, safe, and incredibly effective. What’s more, we want to keep the carpet cleaning cost down for you, so just put your zipcode into the Franchise Finder below to get the right number to call and some Oklahoma carpet cleaning coupons. We hope to see you soon.

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