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OHIO Carpet Cleaning

It’s a bit ridiculous how many famous people come from Ohio. Seven presidents, multiple generals, a plethora of inventors, astronauts, singers, directors, and much more. With everyone from the Wright Brothers to Steven Spielberg, maybe we should change our state motto to, "Yeah, They’re Probably From Here."

Counties in Ohio

Getting a Good Ohio Carpet Cleaning

And while we’re not all famous, we do deserve the red carpet treatment when it comes to our actual carpets. We need an OH carpet cleaner that is not only great at removing dirt and spots, but also green and convenient. While that may sound like a tall order for most Ohio carpet cleaning companies, Oxi Fresh easily meets all three criteria. Let’s look at how they can do all this.

Their Ohio carpet cleaning starts when they spray the carpet with a combination of an oxygenated booster and an encapsulator. The oxygen is a powerful cleaner, easily breaking apart embedded dirt and loosening those troublesome spots. While the oxygen is busy at work, the other half of our Ohio carpet cleaning solution forms microscopic crystals around the broken up debris.

This Ohio carpet cleaning process, known as encapsulation, both prevents dirt from reattaching to the carpet fibers and makes the debris easy to remove. After the solutions have had time to work, they go over the carpets with their OH carpet cleaning machine. With dual, counter-rotating brushes, the Ohio carpet cleaning machine easily reaches deep into the carpet pile and lifts the encapsulated debris up and out of the carpets.

A Green, Convenient Ohio Carpet Cleaning

This combination of their oxygenated booster, encapsulator, and machine creates a potent Ohio carpet cleaning system that leaves floors looking and feeling years younger. What’s more, it does this while being both environmentally friendly and convenient. But how does it do all this? Well, it comes down to water.

Most Ohio carpet cleaning companies use the steam cleaning method and that results in dry times of 12-36 hours. This is a big inconvenience as it basically takes your room hostage for an entire day, preventing any normal use. Oxi Fresh’s Ohio carpet cleaning uses only about 5% of the water a steam cleaner does, so carpets dry after about an hour. That means you can be back on your floor almost immediately after your Ohio carpet cleaning appointment.

The low-moisture Ohio carpet cleaning system is also better for the environment, as it conserves tens of thousands of gallons of water annually. Oxi Fresh also works hard to makes sure its Ohio carpet cleaning products are both highly effective and safe for pets, children, and the environment. That’s why one of their core Ohio carpet cleaning solutions has received the EPA’s coveted Design for the Environment seal.

Scheduling an Ohio Carpet Cleaning

Oxi Fresh is a green, effective, fast-drying Ohio carpet cleaner that can bring new life to your carpets. So if you want your floors to be fresh again, just put your zipcode into the Franchise Finder. You’ll get the right number to call and some Ohio carpet cleaning coupons! We look forward to seeing you soon.

You can read more about Oxi Fresh in our Ohio carpet cleaning blog. If you want to learn more about our Ohio carpet cleaning locations, just follow these links:

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