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NEW MEXICO Carpet Cleaning

Land of Enchantment is not an overstatement. New Mexico has, quite simply, some of the most stunning features of any state. There’s the Carlsbad Caverns, the Rio Grande Gorge, Shiprock, austere deserts, wonderful mountains, and much more. To live in New Mexico is to live in a beautiful place.

Counties in New Mexico

The Need for New Mexico Carpet Cleanings

Natural beauty, unfortunately, is no exemption from the everyday challenge of keeping things clean. In fact, the dry landscapes can make a New Mexico carpet cleaning even more challenging, what with grit and dust being an ever-present issue. There is a cleaner, however, that can tackle New Mexico carpet cleanings without a problem - Oxi Fresh.

We’re not traditional New Mexico carpet cleaners and we don’t rely on old fashion methods. You won’t find us pumping 30 to 60 gallons of water into your carpets and then trying to suck it up. Why? Because that New Mexico carpet cleaning method doesn’t provide the best results. It leaves carpets soaked for too long and leaves too much dirt behind.

Instead, we start our New Mexico carpet cleanings with solutions that both break up and encapsulate dirt and debris in the carpet. The New Mexico carpet cleaning products we use are not only powerful, but they’re also green and require little water to be effective. As a matter of fact, an average sized New Mexico carpet cleaning only needs about two gallons of water.

After the solutions have done their work, the New Mexico carpet cleaning continues as we go over the carpet with our machine. Its dual, counter-rotating brushes scrub upwards and inwards, lifting the encapsulated dirt up and out of the carpet. The New Mexico carpet cleaning machine provides excellent results thanks to its pile-to-tip cleaning system.

Scheduling a New Mexico Carpet Cleaning

If your carpet is looking tired, maybe it’s time to freshen it up. Schedule your New Mexico carpet cleaning with Oxi Fresh and we’ll not only help your carpet look better, but set on the right path toward extending its life. Regular New Mexico carpet cleanings can add over five years to a carpets life, after all, and it’s hard to argue with the value of that.

To schedule your New Mexico carpet cleaning, just use the Franchise Finder below. It will get you the right NM carpet cleaner to call and some NM carpet cleaning coupons!

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