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NEW JERSEY Carpet Cleaning

New Jersey has been home to incredible people, places, and events. The state was witness to the Crossing of the Delaware, was home to the great inventor Edison, and houses the immortal Pine Barrens. The most important thing in Jersey, though, is the people.

Counties in New Jersey

Your New Jersey Carpet Cleaning Company

And those people need good services, especially for their New Jersey carpet cleanings. Carpeting is an important part of any home’s value and maintaing it via New Jersey carpet cleanings is much cheaper than replacing it. As a matter of fact, regular maintenance from a professional NJ carpet cleaner adds years to a carpet’s life. Never getting a New Jersey carpet cleaning, however, can cut over five years off the carpet’s life.

So who should you use for your New Jersey carpet cleaning? When you go through the phonebook or search online, which New Jersey carpet cleaner will not only be effective, but also convenient and environmental friendly? Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning in New Jersey is all three of those things.

TOur New Jersey carpet cleaning business is founded on a cleaning system that combines powerful, oxygen based solutions with a revolutionary machine. The solutions we use in our New Jersey carpet cleaning will break up the worst of spots and then capture the debris in microscopic crystals. Our NJ carpet cleaning machine’s dual, counter-rotating brushes then capture this dirt and lift it up and out of the carpet.

Our method reaches deep into the carpet and gets great results, and it’s much more convenient than the steam methods many New Jersey carpet cleaning businesses use. Where they need 40 to 60 gallons of water for a New Jersey carpet cleaning, Oxi Fresh only needs about two. That means your carpets dry in about an hour, not in 12 to 36 hours. Now, which of those two sounds more convenient?

What’s more, the New Jersey carpet cleaning solutions we use, while highly effective, are also safe for both people, pets, and the planet. One of our core products even has the EPA’s Design for the Environment certification. Of course, our New Jersey carpet cleaning locations try to be green in many ways. We encourage recycling of all our products, for example, and conserve tens of thousands of gallons of water thanks to our unique New Jersey carpet cleaning methods.

Scheduling a New Jersey Carpet Cleaning

Booking your carpet cleaning with Oxi Fresh is very easy. Enter your zip code into the Franchise Finder below and you’ll get the right number to call and some New Jersey carpet cleaning coupons. Call today to set up your green, convenient, and superb carpet cleaning.

For more information about Oxi Fresh, try our carpet cleaning blog. You can also learn more about our New Jersey carpet cleaning locations here:

Newark Carpet Cleaning
Jersey City Carpet Cleaning
Paterson Carpet Cleaning
Elizabeth Carpet Cleaning
Edison Carpet Cleaning