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NEBRASKA Carpet Cleaning

The world owes Nebraska and Mr. Morton a debt of gratitude for giving us Arbor Day. What started a simple holiday has spread across the globe and inspired many of us to think about what it means to be green.

Counties in Nebraska

Green Carpet Cleaning in Nebraska

As a matter of fact, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning probably wouldn’t exist like it does today if it wasn’t for people’s concern for the earth. I guess that means we owe Nebraska quite a bit, so we’ll do our best to pay that debt by offering superior, green NE carpet cleaning. But how are we green compared to other cleaners?

It starts with water. Many Nebraska carpet cleaning companies use the steam cleaning method. In this system, the cleaner will pump 40-60 gallons of water into the carpet of an average sized home. Most think that’s normal for a Nebraska carpet cleaning, but we think it’s incredible waste of water. Oxi Fresh’s Nebraska carpet cleaners only needs about 2 gallons of water to clean a home.

Our low moisture Nebraska carpet cleaning method can conserve tens of thousands of gallons of water. While that’s great, it’s not enough for Oxi Fresh. Our Nebraska carpet cleaning solutions also need to be green. It’s why our products are carefully tested and why we don’t just use whatever is convenient. One of our core Nebraska carpet cleaning products has even received the EPA’s Design for the Environment certification.

A Quality NE Carpet Cleaner

Of course, our environmental friendliness wouldn’t count for much if we couldn’t clean well, but that’s not a problem for us. Our Nebraska carpet cleaning method uses safe but powerful cleaning solution and a machine with dual counter-rotating brushes. These work in tandem to provide incredible Nebraska carpet cleaning results.

The solution Oxi Fresh uses for a Nebraska carpet cleaning is actually a combination of an oxygenated booster and an encapsulator. The booster breaks apart dirt that has become embedded in the carpet while the encapsulator forms microscopic crystals around the broken up debris. Then we use the Nebraska carpet cleaning machine on the carpet, where its two brushes reach deep into the carpet pile and lift the debris into the machine.

This method provides amazing cleaning results and it avoids one of the big annoyances many Nebraska carpet cleanings cause - long dry times. Like we said earlier, we only use about 2 gallons of water for a Nebraska carpet cleaning, which means your carpet dries in about an hour. No 12-36 hour wait for your rooms to dry after a Nebraska carpet cleaning. If we clean in the morning, you should be able to have lunch over a dry, clean carpet.

Scheduling Your Nebraska Carpet Cleaning

If you want a Nebraska carpet cleaning company that’s going to be both highly effective and good for the environment, Oxi Fresh is the best carpet cleaner for you. To get the right number to call and to get some Nebraska carpet cleaning coupons, use the Franchise Finder below.

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