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MISSOURI Carpet Cleaning

Even though it’s the unofficial nickname, it’s hard to think of a better one for Missouri than the “Show-Me State.” Missourians need to be convinced of the necessity or quality of something before just leaping on board - something we here at Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning applaud. So we’re going to explain exactly why you should use us for your Missouri carpet cleaners.

Counties in Missouri

Traditional Carpet Cleaning In Missouri

The most commonly used method for MO carpet cleaning is hot water extraction, also known as steam cleaning. The Missouri carpet cleaning company will pump gallons of hot water and cleaning chemicals into the carpet and then try to extract it all via suction. This Missouri carpet cleaning method is problematic from start to finish.

Those difficulties begin with the obscene amount of water MO carpet cleaners have to use. To clean a standard sized home, Missouri carpet cleaning companies will pump 40-60 gallons of water into the carpet. The goal is to loosen spots and dirt so they can be extracted, but many Missouri carpet cleaning machines do not have the power to remove that much water.

Hot water extraction machines are, after all, complex with their numerous seals and pumps. If the Missouri carpet cleaning machine isn’t properly maintained, it rapidly looses suction. So while a Missouri carpet cleaning company can still pull up some of the water it pumps in, a significant amount is left behind, leading to dry times of 12-36 hours.

Not only is this terribly inconvenient, but it can also damage carpets. That leftover water from the Missouri carpet cleaning contains loosened oils and dirts which will sink down through the carpet pile and into the pad. Once in the pad, the dirty oils will slowly work their way back up, resurfacing as spots that will always come back despite any Missouri carpet cleaning attempts.

Oxi Fresh’s Missouri Carpet Cleaning

So how does Oxi Fresh avoid all of those problems? Simple, we use an entirely different Missouri carpet cleaning method. Where other methods require tons of water, we only need about two gallons of water to clean a home, thanks to our powerful oxygen-based, green carpet cleaning solutions and revolutionary, Missouri carpet cleaning machine.

Our green, Missouri carpet cleaning solutions break up dirt and spots, capturing the debris in microscopic crystals. These crystals not only prevent the dirt from reattaching to the carpet, but also makes them easy to remove. Next, we break out or Missouri carpet cleaning machine. This unique device has dual, counter-rotating brushes designed to reach deep into the pile and then lift encapsulated dirt and debris out of the carpet.

The combination of our deep cleaning machine and oxygen based solutions results in a phenomenal Missouri carpet cleaning. The carpet will be cleaned from pile to tip and will dry soft and upright an hour after we’re finished. Now, isn’t that preferable to other Missouri carpet cleanings, where you have to wait an entire day before you can even walk on your carpet?

Scheduling a Missouri Carpet Cleaning

If you are interested in setting up an appointment with Oxi Fresh, use the Franchise Finder below. It will get you the right number to call for your Missouri carpet cleaning and some great coupons! Also, if you want to read more about Oxi Fresh, try our carpet cleaning blog.

For more information about our Missouri carpet cleaning locations:

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