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ILLINOIS Carpet Cleaning

Illinois has always been an important state. Reaching back into the far past, even to 600 C.E., it’s been the center to numerous people groups. It’s also been the home to three U.S. Presidents and harbors one of America’s biggest cities - Chicago.

Counties in Illinois

The Right Illinois Carpet Cleaner

Unfortunately, dirt has no respect for history. Without proper care, everyday dirt and spots can end up permanently damaging carpets. This makes regular Illinois carpet cleanings a necessity. Who to choose though? With so many options it can be tricky picking the right IL carpet cleaning services. In order to help you decide, we’re going to share with you some of the benefits of an Oxi Fresh Illinois carpet cleaning.

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning in Illinois

Now, when carpets get dirty, the debris attaches directly to the carpet fibers. So we use our Illinois carpet cleaning solutions, a combination of encapsulator and oxygenated booster, that easily break apart attached debris while still being gentle on the carpet itself. These Illinois carpet cleaning solutions also form microscopic crystals around the broken up dirt and stains, both preventing them from reattaching to the fibers and making the debris easy to remove.

After the encapsulation, our Illinois carpet cleaning technicians go over the carpets with our specialized machines. These unique Illinois carpet cleaning machines have dual, counter-rotating brushes designed to reach deep into the carpet pile and lift the encapsulated debris up and out of the carpet.

This combination of powerful but safe Illinois carpet cleaning solutions and an excellent machine leaves floors looking remarkable. And since this Illinois carpet cleaning method doesn’t require lots of water, the carpets will dry upright and soft in about one hour!

Your Illinois Carpet Cleaning Company

In addition to providing incredible Illinois carpet cleanings, Oxi Fresh also uses green carpet cleaning methods. Our cleaning system uses products specially designed to be safe for pets, children, and the environment. One of our core Illinois carpet cleaning products has even received the EPA’s coveted Design for the Environment certification!

So when it comes time to choose your IL carpet cleaner, try Oxi Fresh. Use the Franchise Finder below to get the right number to call and some Illinois carpet cleaning coupons!

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