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Testimonial - Kathryn Leuenberger

Excellent Job

"My call was answered immediately and I was given a fixed price over the phone. I...

- Kathryn Leuenberger


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An Award Winning Franchise

We work hard here at Oxi Fresh, trying to make our business the best among all of the carpet cleaning companies out there. And our efforts have not gone unnoticed. Our carpet cleaning company has been recognized many times since 2006, receiving prestigious industry awards.

Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur Magazine, run by Entrepreneur Media, Inc. out of Irvine California, is a popular magazine for self-employed business people who want to know what about new trends...read more >>

  1. Franchise 500 Rank: #135 (2012); #126 (2011); #391 (2010); #308 (2009)
    Entrepreneur Media has been working on its Franchise 500 for over thirty years at this point, and they’re confident...see more >>
  2. Top New Franchises: #3 (2011); #9 (2010); #19 (2009)
    Being in the top ten for a list is generally a good thing. For a list of the Top New Franchises, though, it’s amazing...see more >>
  3. Fastest Growing Franchises: #62 (2012); #63 (2011); #30 (2010)
    Entrepreneur Media doesn’t just create a list of the top 500 franchises in North America - whom Oxi Fresh...see more >>
  4. Low Cost Franchises: #19 (2012); #26 (2011); #68 (2009)
    Among the many rankings made public in the Entrepreneur 500 is Low-Cost Franchises, a list of a hundred franchises...see more >>
  5. Top Home-Based Franchises: #30 (2012); #34 (2011); #85 (2009)
    There are many kinds of franchises that require having some sort of building, but there are some franchise systems...see more >>


Inc. Magazine's 500|5000 Awards

Everyone needs good advice, especially when it comes to business, and for over thirty years Inc. magazine has been providing just that. Their insightful articles, online guides, free tools, and videos have helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs...read more >>

  1. Inc. Magazine's 500|5000 Awards – #3500 (2012); #1525 (2011)
  2. Consumer Products & Services – #178 (2012); #80 (2011)
  3. Denver Area Businesses – #66 (2012); #33 (2011)


Franchise Business Review

The Franchise Business Review is an organization that surveys franchise owners, seeing how pleased they are with the companies they work with. This company does something that many other’s don’t - it provides a place for honesty among franchise...read more >>

  1. Franchisee Satisfaction Award – #44 (2012); #28 (2011); #7 (2010); #2 (2009); #13 (2008)
  2. 4 Star Owner Rating Award


Franchise Times

Franchise Times® is one of the nation’s preeminent publications that focuses solely on franchises and franchise related news. They provide important insight into companies, their successes and struggles, and how those observations can help...read more >>

  1. Fast 55 - #9 (2010)



Small does not mean easy, as any "small" business owner can tell you. Everything from marketing to employee management is up to them and one mistake can severely hurt their company. And that's why the website AllBusiness.com is so useful...read more >>

  1. AllStar Franchise Rank: #172 (2011)
  2. AllStar Growth Rank: #46 (2011)
  3. AllStar Web Visibility Rank #195 (2011)


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