Trash Tools

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While you may not be able to use trash to build a house . . . okay, never mind. While you may not be able to use it to save lives . . . alright, I guess we can. Okay, so as it turns out, people are pretty darn good at reusing things. So here are four tips that will help you turn trash into tools.

1. Old Clothes = Rags

Your future cleaning supplies

Let’s start with an easy one – old ratty clothes. We all have a few t-shirts that are too beat-up to wear in public, but they’re too far gone to donate; they usually end up in the trash. Instead of tossing them, try cutting those shirts and shorts into strips and now you’ve got a box of cleaning rag. These things are perfect for really tough jobs, like cleaning ovens, bathrooms, or even engines.

2. Disposable Containers = Meals To Go

Take it with you!

Our food comes in a lot of packaging, which is regrettable, but here’s how to make the most of it. All those yogurt tubs, sandwich meat containers, and peanut butter jars make for a great way to cart your lunches around. Once you’ve used containers like these, wash and dry them and use them to pack your soups, sandwiches, or even yogurt parfaits.

3. Dryer Lint + Candle Wax = Fire-starters

Keep those candle stubs

Here’s one for people who like fires and grilling. Don’t throw away your dryer lint or the stubs of old candles. Instead, when you have a good amount of lint stored up, divvy it up into an egg carton. Now pour melted wax in with each ball of lint and work them together. Once it dries, you’ll have a fire-starter that catches easily and burns slowly (it may take a bit of experimentation to get the right lint-to-wax ratio).

4. Leftover Soap Bits = Shampoo

Making the most of soap

Finally, a tip from We all know the problem with bar soap – you end up with a little chunk that’s too small to use comfortably, so you usually toss it. Instead of throwing those nubs out, gather a few them and throw them into a cheap blender. Mix in about a cup of boiling water, a squirt or two of perfume/cologne/moisturizer, and blend them together. You’ll be left with a great soapy foam you can use as bodywash. Scoop the foam into a squeeze bottle – old condiment bottles work well – and you’re good to go.

Well, we here at Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning hope these tips help you turn trash into tools. Now let’s start using that trash!


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