Tasty Treats for Halloween!

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There are just two weeks until Halloween, my fellow goblins and ghosts. Costumes are getting put together, trick-or-treat routes are being plotted, and some of us are starting to think about that party we’re hosting. You know, the one we still don’t have any recipes for. Don’t get spooked (save that for the 31st) because here are three sites with tons of sweets, appetizers and ideas for your get-together!

halloween candy
Trick or Treat!

If you need some healthier dishes for your party, try FamilyFun. This site has 15 veggie and fruit heavy treats that will give your kids a break from the constant stream of holiday sugars.

Have You Carved Up Jack Yet?

Sarah over at Our Best Bites has put together a long list of recipes and decorations for your party. I think the winner of this lot is the Slimy Worms on a Bun. Sounds gross, right?

a corgi in a costume
Are You Dressing Up Your Pup This Year?

What if you want to make your own candy? Maybe even your own candy corn? Then head on over to About.com and look through their massive list of recipes.

I know it’s a lot to sort through, but whatever you choose will be great! Personally, I love these cute Frankenpops. They look easy to make and great to eat; be sure kids are careful with the skewers in them. I would recommend taking those out and just putting the marshmallows on a plate.

Have a Happy Halloween!

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