Green Living: Save Heat, Save Money

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Green Living: Save Heat, Save Money

Winter is coming and it’s bringing the bills. We’ll be traveling, preparing large meals, buying gifts and heating our homes. Thankfully, you can save money during this costly season by improving the heat efficiency of your home.

– Windows –
Sitting by your window and admiring the late Autumn and Winter landscapes can be a wonderful experience. It can also be a very cold one if your windows haven’t been properly sealed. Windows with gaps, old caulk or poorly installed frames can cause significant heat loss and need to be taken care of as soon as possible.

Watch this video to learn about sealing your windows.

– Doors –
Another big way warm air is lost is through doors. Older or poorly installed doors will, even when closed, leave significant gaps that allow constant air flow. For exterior doors or doors that lead to garages or attics, this can really hurt your heating bill. Thankfully, foam weatherstripping can fix this problem.

Watch this video to learn more.

– Chimneys –
Oddly enough, a chimney can make your home colder. Older chimneys often have warped dampers or no damper at all, which allows cold air to pour in whenever there’s not a fire. Since new dampers can be expensive, consider a chimney balloon. These inflatable bags block off the flue, keeping the cold air out. You can only use balloons in wood burning chimneys, so keep that in mind before purchasing one.

Here’s a great video on using chimney balloons, but we don’t recommend the other chimney-blocking methods they talk about.

Thanks to the DIY Network, Building Performance Workshop and SustainableStaveley for the great info.