3 Ingredient Candy Cane Truffles

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The party is fast approaching, the family is hungry for more treats, the exhausted cookbook has no more ideas to give, and supplies are running low. If that describes your situation this season, don’t worry – Oxi Fresh is here to help. We’ve got a simple, three ingredient recipe that makes the most of common […]

Candy Overload: Tricks to Deal with the Treats

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Seas of Snickers, mountains of Milky Ways, and fields of candy corn – a big Halloween Haul is every kid’s dream and every parent’s mini-nightmare. Of course you’re happy to see the kids happy, but when your mind turns to the upcoming sugar-crashes and potential dentist bills, you start to worry. So besides candy rationing […]

Facing the Paint: Getting Face Paint and Makeup out of Clothes

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Face paint and Halloween are inseparable. Unfortunately, it seems face paint and costumes are inseparable too! No matter how careful you are, you or the kids almost always end up with makeup smudges and smears on your nice costumes. But a green smear or red splotch doesn’t have to forever haunt your outfit –  this […]

Orange, Black, and Green – Three Ways to Stay Eco-Friendly During Halloween

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Halloween is a really fun holiday. You get to give out candy, snack on sweets, create costumes, and watch lots of kids and adults act like goofballs. Of course, like any holiday, sometimes we get so in the spirit of things that we forget about staying green. Not to worry though, because we’ve got three […]

Oxi Fresh Keeps Growing!

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If you’ve been hoping for Oxi Fresh to come to your area, you may be in luck! In the first three quarters of 2014, Oxi Fresh hit a major growth spurt and opened 48 new locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. Now we can service more people everywhere! With the opening of these new franchises, […]

Green Living: Making Cleaning Green

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We all feel that cleaning is supposed to be a clean activity. If we’re making the living room look lovely, surely it’s a good thing to do, right? Surely it can’t do any harm. Not necessarily. A lot of cleaning products and techniques may get our homes feeling fresh, but they’re not good for the […]

The Spotlight: Sweat Stains. Yuck.

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There’s really no delicate way to talk about this one, so let’s just get it out of the way: people sweat from their armpits and leave ugly stains on white shirts. It’s entirely natural, normal, and gross. Thankfully, there are ways to make these spots disappear and restore your white shirts and blouses back to […]

Tips & Tricks: Poblano Chile Soup

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It’s time for this month’s top recipe and have we got a tasty one for you: Poblano Chile Soup. This is a great meal to start off fall with – savory, rich, and with a nice heat. Thanks to M.S. Miliken, S. Feniger, and Foodnetwork.com for the great recipe. What You’ll Need 6 Poblano Chiles […]

Green Living: Back to School Tips

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Soon the buses will be rolling up, the backpacks will be slung over shoulders, and the kids will be back in school. Of course, before they head off you’ve got to run the Back-to-School gauntlet. Is it possible to stay green while dealing with demands for school supplies and new clothes? It sure is and […]

The Spotlight: Spilled Milk (The Spot and the Smell!)

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We all know the saying about milk and what you shouldn’t do if it gets spilled. To be fair, it can be hard not to cry when a glass of milk or a big bowl of cereal comes tumbling down onto your clean carpets. We won’t judge you if you shed a tear or two. […]