Green Living: Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping

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Eco Friendly Brown Paper wrapped package

Wrapping paper is a guilty pleasure. We all love the sight of neatly wrapped gifts tied up with ribbons and bows. More to the point, it’s fun to tear that stuff apart to get at the present inside (okay, fun for some of us).

Here’s the thing – all that paper isn’t exactly great for the environment. Sure, most of it’s recyclable, but it’s still a lot of trees, plastics and ink wasted every year. Thankfully there are plenty of ways to make gift-giving greener, and here are four tips just for you.

Make Your Own Bows and Paper
Making your own bows and paper is a perfect way to give presents a personal touch and ensure that they’re recyclable. You can use a variety of paper for these projects, anything from old magazines to wallpaper to your kids’ art projects. Likewise, you can use all those materials to craft your own bows, create neat typography, and make beautifully layered gift wraps for friends and family.

Reusable Wrapping Materials
If you want to avoid paper altogether, turn to cloth! You can get cloth “bags” that fit around your gifts and make them look like presents. A big bonus? They can be used again and again. You can buy these online or make your own.

Turn the Wrapping into a Gift
Here’s one I like a lot – make the wrapping a gift. This can be as simple as wrapping a present in a fun scarf or complex as a kitchen-themed gift, where you nestle various spices and utensils in a large stock pot. Wrapping gifts this way does require more planning, but it makes them truly memorable.

Buy Recycled Wrapping Paper
Do you want to be green but don’t want to completely abandon wrapping paper? Well, Green Field Paper and Fish Lips Designs have you covered. They offer paper made from 100% recycled materials with unique, fun designs. It isn’t cheap, but it’s memorable and very eco-friendly.

We hope that these tips will inspire you to try a green way to wrap your gifts this year! Happy Holidays!

Thanks to Jessica Jones, Chris, Rima Nasser and Alexis Petru for the great information about eco-friendly gift wrapping.