Tips and Tricks – DIY or Hire?

Categories: Home Improvement

One day, you’ll find yourself staring at a project. Maybe it will be a wall that needs painting, some plumbing that needs work or wiring that needs fixing. As you stand there, you’ll be asking yourself, “Can I do this myself or should I hire someone?”

We’re here to help you answer that question. Here are five common projects and our advice on whether they’re DIY or Hire.

This is probably the most common home improvement project out there, and it’s one you can definitely do yourself. Wait! Don’t start buying paint and brushes just yet! Even though this is definitely a DIY, things can go pretty bad if you don’t do your homework. Read these guides from and before you begin.

If you’re not careful, you’ll quickly find that electricity doesn’t play nice. Careless DIY attempts at wiring can lead to serious injury or damage to your home. Of course, that isn’t to say DIY electric work is impossible, but don’t just jump into it without spending time learning about it ( is a great source).

Wall Repair
Whether it was caused by a clumsy friend or careless kid, holes in your drywall are an eyesore. Thankfully, patching them is definitely a DIY with great guides from and the

Plumbing is a tricky beast. Some repairs can be very simple, while others require experience and a good deal of skill. Depending on what you’re doing, it’ll be DIY (leaky faucet, loose flush handle) or Hire (installing new pipes). If you’re looking for basic how-to’s, and are both incredibly helpful.

Removing Wallpaper
Stripping a room of it’s old, ugly wallpaper is time consuming, but it can definitely be done by anyone with enough determination. These guides from and will get you started.

As you can see, a lot of home improvement projects like painting, wall repair, wallpaper stripping and even basic plumbing can be handled by you and your family. It’s when you get to the technical, finicky things like wiring that you should hire an expert.