The Spotlight: Cleaning Up Pine Sap

Categories: Carpet Cleaning Tips

When you see a full-sized tree in your living room, you know one of two things: either it’s Christmas or you really should get around to cleaning up in there. Hopefully it’s the former, because a Christmas Tree is a wonderful thing.

Of course, putting a tree inside your house does come with some unique risks, including the chance that you’ll end up with sap on your carpet. If that happens, here’s how you can tackle that tacky problem.

Step 1
Gather the following items:

- A bottle of rubbing alcohol
– 2 to 3 cotton towels
– A butter knife
– Rubber gloves
– A spritzer bottle

Step 2
Dampen a corner of a towel with the rubbing alcohol and begin blotting the sap*. Since alcohol evaporates quickly, it helps break down the spot as you dab at it. Be sure to switch to a clean part of the towel regularly so you don’t accidentally spread the sap around. If the sap is deeply embedded in the carpet, work the alcohol into the pile with your fingers. Be sure to wear the rubber gloves for this part.

Step 3
If you’re dealing with a large amount of sap, use a butter knife to gently lift the sap up and off the carpet while blotting.

Step 4
Keep working at the stain until it’s gone. Once that has happened, spritz the area with hot water and blot with a clean towel until the carpet is dry.

All the sap may not come up on your first try. If, after cleaning, you notice that the carpet is still sticky or hard, try following the process again. If the spot is still bad after that, it may be time to call a professional carpet cleaner. The Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning method can get rid of just about any spot, spill or stain. Check us out at or call us at 1-877-OXIFRESH.

Thanks to and Jack Luca for the great information.

*Before you use a solution, always test it on an inconspicuous area of the carpet. After applying the solution, wait 30-60 seconds and then blot with a clean towel to make sure there’s no color-loss or damage. You’ll want to be very careful if you have a carpet made of natural fibers.