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The Spotlight – Mustard Stains

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Good old mustard – a vinegary bite to compliment ketchup. This condiment is a common sight on burgers, hot dogs and (if your guests are careless) your carpets.

Don’t panic – here’s what you’ll do:

Gather Up:
Neutral Detergent
White Vinegar
Non-Alkaline Dish Detergent
Spray Bottle
Clean Towels
Mixing Bowl

- Step 1 -
Use the spoon to scoop up as much mustard as you can.

- Step 2 -
In the bowl, mix a teaspoon of a neutral detergent with a teaspoon of vinegar and a quart of water. Put the solution in the spray bottle.

- Step 3 -
Spray the spot and let the solution dwell for a minute. Take a clean towel and blot the spot, working from the outside edge toward the center. Continue to apply solution and blot until no more mustard comes up.

- Step 4 -
In the bowl, mix a few drops of the non-alkaline dish detergent with a cup of water. Put the solution in the spray bottle.

- Step 5 -
Spritz the area you’ve treated. Take a clean towel and blot the area.

- Step 6 -
Fill the spray bottle with water and spritz the area (this will help remove any residual product).

- Step 7 -
Take a clean towel and blot the area until dry.

- Step 8 -
(Optional) Lay a clean, dry towel over the area and a sheet of plastic on top of that. Place a heavy weight on the towel and let it sit for several hours to absorb any residual moisture.

And that should take care of the yellow splotch. Thanks to for the great solution! There is a final step you’ll need to add – find whoever dropped their hot dog and give them a piece of your mind! : )

We hope these tips help you out! If you ever find yourself faced with a stain you can’t quite tackle or a carpet that needs to be saved, give us a call at 1-877-OXIFRESH or schedule online!

Green Living: Recycling Carpet

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World's Greenest Carpet Cleaner

Diamonds may be forever, but garbage runs a close second. A can of soda takes about 80-200 years to decompose, a plastic soda bottle 450 years and a glass bottle can take a million years to decompose.

Carpet doesn’t have a great track record either. As carpets are mostly made of synthetic materials, they take an incredibly long time to biodegrade. What’s worse is that we throw out a lot of carpet – some estimate billions of pounds of it every year. Continue Reading post – Green Living: Recycling Carpet

In the Spotlight: Removing Gravy Stains

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In the Spotlight: Removing Gravy Stains

Who knows when it will happen. Maybe a member of the Kids’ Table will be the perpetrator, with a tumbling plate and a guilty look. Maybe it will be the careless uncle who drops his spoon right onto your carpet. Of course, there’s always the chance that you’ll be the one who knocks over the gravy boat.

Whoever is to blame, the gravy is on the carpet and we need to get rid of it ASAP. Here’s what you do. Continue Reading post – In the Spotlight: Removing Gravy Stains

How to Make Your Carpet Last Longer

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Extending Your Carpet's Life

Carpet is one of the most important features of your home. A clean carpet makes a room look fresh and tidy while a dirty carpet can make even the tidiest room feel dingy. Obviously, it’s important to keep your floors looking good, especially since carpet replacement is hardly cheap, but how can you do that?

Well, there’s an Oxi Fresh article out there with five great tips to help you out. I don’t want to spoil it for you, but here are quick versions of the tips:

1. Choose Wisely – The first step to having a good, lasting carpet is choosing a good, lasting carpets. Okay – that sounds very “hindsight is 20/20,” but it’s true. An example of this is choose dark colors for areas that are likely to see a lot of wear and spills – like a child’s playroom.

2. Avoid Traffic – You see traffic areas in many carpets, and a great way to keep them from forming is either putting area rugs over those areas. They’ll absorb a lot of the wear and protect the carpets below.

3. 00.35% of Your Day – Take five minutes – 00.35% of your day – everyday to vacuum your carpets, rotating between different rooms. This will keep your rugs looking fresh and will prevent debris from becoming embedded in the carpet fibers.

4. No Shoes – Shoes often have dirt or oils on their soles, so having people take them off should help prevent grime from being tracked over your carpets.

5. Regular, Professional Carpet Cleaning – Every six months or so, you should get a professional carpet cleaning to remove any embedded dirt and to get rid of any spots. It’s a good idea at this point to get a carpet protectant to help prevent spots from setting into carpets.

Oxi Fresh hopes these tips will help you out and you can read more about them in our article “Get Longer Use Out of Your Carpet With These Five Easy Tips.”

What Are The Different Types of Carpet Designs Available? What Should I Choose?

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We here at Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Houston, one of the most reputable carpet cleaners in Houston,  have worked on literally thousands of carpeted floors while performing carpet cleaning services.

Our years of experience and expertise doing carpet cleaning in Houston makes us a local expert on carpet.  Why, might you ask?  Well, traditional handymen or carpet installers may install a carpet, but it’s a carpet cleaning Houston professional that sees the same carpet multiple times, and sees how it wears, and how it holds up over time!

When it comes to purchasing carpet there are two primary considerations to look at:  pile design, and fiber type.  Both of these considerations affect how easy your carpet cleans before you bring in your favorite Oxi Fresh Houston carpet cleaners.

Carpet Pile Design

Carpet pile, or the shape and texture of your carpet fibers is split into cut-pile, loop-pile, and cut and loop pile designs.  We at Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Houston have worked with all of these carpet designs.

Cut Pile Designs:

  • Saxony Pile – ¾” pile height typically, twisted, heat-set yarns, stands upright underneath foot traffic.  More than 90% of expensive carpet is made out of Saxony pile.
  • Plush/Velvet Pile – This plush design is dense enough to hold up to normal traffic.  This pile has little to no twist, which produces a smooth texture.  Because Plush/Velvet pile is sensitive to heat, the OxiFresh Carpet Cleaning Houston team always takes extra care to not deform the carpet .
  • Shag Pile – This design hails from the 70’s, and has a low density with long length such that the fibers lie more or less sideways every which way.   Less commonly employed today.
  • Splush Pile – It’s Shag! It’s Plush! It’s Splush!  This mix of Shag and Plush is also called mini-shag or short-shag. You still get the random sideways laying effect as with Shag.
  • Grass Pile – This grass simulator is typically made of slit-film olefin, coming in a large variety of colors.
  • Frieze – This design has tightly twisted yarns that give a rough, fine, slightly bumpy appearance

Loop Pile Designs:

  • Multi-Level Loop Pile – This Loop style has both low and high loops, creating a staggered density effect
  • Level Loop Pile – These are just loops that are uncut, consisting of loops.  Commercial carpet has very low height to it. OxiFresh Carpet Cleaning Houston staff members are experienced with all types of commercial carpet.

Although Berber carpet is the traditional loop carpet that tends to get snagged and produces runs with traditional vacuums and carpet cleaners, when our carpet cleaning Houston professionals come to your home, we –never- damage your carpet, or your money back.

Cut And Loop Pile Designs:

  • Sculptured Saxony – This beautiful Saxony has high Cut pile yarns, with Loop piles accenting in between.  Elegant and interesting.
  • Sculptured Shag – This is like Sculptured Saxong except it has higher cut-pile yarns, contrasted with Loops that are uncut.
  • Level Cut Loop – This pile uses even length loops and cut-pile fibers interspersed throughout.

The Carpet Choice Verdict From Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Houston

In general, Cut and Loop Pile with lower loops and higher cut fibers, and Cut Pile carpets stand up to wear and tear the best.   You can last just a smidge longer between OxiFresh Carpet Cleaning Houston visits for these types of carpet as opposed to loop carpet, because these carpets are less fragile, and less fragile carpets mean you can actually clean them regularly without needing to call in a carpet cleaning,  Houston professional.

Carpet Cleaning Houston Gives Berber Carpet a Thumbs Down

As for looped carpet, especially Berber carpet, these carpets tend to snag easily, going on continuous unraveling runs, with costly repairs in between.  Because of its fragile nature, homeowners tend to vacuum their Berber carpets less, for fear of damaging them, and thus more frequent visits from a carpet cleaning, Houston professional are required to compensate.  Pets also wear down Berber carpet significantly faster over Cut and Loop or Cut piles, because these types of carpet are not likely to unravel.

Generally speaking, we at Oxi Fresh Carpet recommend staying away from Berber carpet so you can more easily maintain it, but if you love the look and feel (we certainly do!) we don’t mind helping you maintain your carpet by bringing in our green carpet cleaning Houston crew!  Look out for a future post about the best carpet materials to choose from your friendly staff at Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning in Houston!

Carpets in Myth and History

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Carpet Myths and Legends

Well, we’ve talked about the reality of carpets for many posts. How they’re made, what types work where, what it means to have green carpet cleaning, how to prepare for Spring, why Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is the best for your carpets, and much, much more. Something we haven’t talked about, though, are some of the myths and legends about carpets. Sure, we’ve talked about them in actual history – how carpets developed and so on – but not about the fun legends. So here are three famous stories about carpet that, while they may be tall tales, are at least fascinating.

The Origin of the Red Carpet

The phrase “Red Carpet Treatment” has its origin in a railroad company who laid out red carpets to direct passengers to the train cars. Kind of boring. But if you roll back the clock about two and a half millennia,  you’ll find something more intriguing.

The earliest known reference to a red carpet is in the Greek play trilogy Orestia, written by the great Aeschylus. In the first play, King Agamemnon has returned after sacking the city of Troy to find his wife greeting him with a crimson carpet laid out between his chariot and the entrance to their home.

Agamemnon, who was incredibly prideful man, hesitates to walk on the carpet, for “I am a mortal, a man; I cannot trample upon these tinted splendors without fear thrown in my path.” He knows only gods should walk on such splendor, but he finally bends to his wife’s will and walks on the carpet. When he gets inside, he is promptly murdered by his wife. The two didn’t have a great relationship.

Cleopatra and the Carpet

On a slightly less violent note, we turn to Cleopatra. At the time of this legend,  Julius Caesar was in Egypt “settling” the debate about whether Cleopatra or her brother should rule. And since ancient rulers were honorable, both parties left Caesar alone to come to a fair conclusion.

In other words, both were doing what they could to convince Caesar to pick them. The brother wisely tried to keep Cleopatra away from Caesar, but she wouldn’t have it. She managed to sneak past her brother’s guards and convince Caesar to make her Pharaoh. How did she get past armed sentries? She hid herself in a wrapped up carpet that was presented as a gift to Caesar. When the carpet was unrolled, she tumbled out and became pharaoh.

King Solomon Can Fly?

Our final story is perhaps the strangest. Where Cleopatra historically did sneak in and speak with Julius Caesar and Agamemnon was a well-regarded Greek play, this one comes out of left field. Most are familiar with King Solomon the Wise but are unaware of the many Jewish legends about this figure – like his giant, magical flying carpet that was sixty miles long and sixty miles wide. Solomon could use it to fly around tens of thousands of people. According to one story, he even once had a conversation with an ant queen on it. Huh.

Well, Oxi Fresh wouldn’t likely offer carpet cleaning services for these famous carpets – we don’t want to be in a Greek play/become Pharaoh/talk to ant queens. But we hope you found this collection of fables and stories fun! Share any interesting carpet stories or legends you know in the comments below.

Thanks to,,,, and Wikipedia for these fun facts.

How to Remove Carpets – An Oxi Fresh Guide

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Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning prides itself on getting rid of some of the toughest stains quickly and efficiently. Time, however, is one thing we can’t clean out of a carpet. Over the years, the fibers in a carpet will wear out, the pad will degrade, and dirt will eventually become a permanent part of the pile.

So when a carpet is ready to go the great flooring store in the sky, it’s time to replace it. Since we’ve already talked about choosing the right pile type and color for a new carpet, let’s instead focus on the important task of removing the carpet. Here’s the Oxi Fresh guide on carpet removal.

Tools: Utility Knife, Pry Bar, Hammer, Pliers, Gloves, Kneepads-Optional.

1.) The What and When

You’ve got to know what you want to replace the old carpet with. If it’s new carpet, don’t tear up the tack strips – they can be reused if they’re in good condition. Still, you’ll want to double check with whoever is installing your new carpets to make sure they’re okay with using old tack strips.

Putting hardwood or tile? Get rid of the tack strips – you’ll do that in Step 4.

Also, know when the new floor is being installed. You don’t want to tear up the carpet only to realize you’ll have to wait a week before you get someone out. Try to schedule your demo time to end the day before the installers come.

2.) Be Prepared

So you know what you want and when it’s coming, so on your demo day, start by removing any and all furniture in the room. Put it where it won’t be in the way of you or the installers. Removing anything hanging on the walls as well.

Be sure to vacuum the carpet to help reduce the amount of dust you’ll kick up.

3.) Pull!

Start by pulling the carpet up from a corner of the wall, working your way around the room. You’ll need to be very careful here so you don’t get hurt on the tack strips. Thick gloves, close toed shoes, and knee pads are a good idea.

4.) Slice and Dice

Cut the carpet into 3 foot for 4 foot wide strips, cutting down the entire length of the carpet, preferably with a utility knife. If the carpet is exceptionally long, you may want to slice it in half. Roll up each strip and take them to your nearest carpet recycling facility (Go to to find these.)

If you’re removing the tack strips, do so now. A hammer and a pry bar are useful in pulling them up.

5.) Padding the List

The carpets gone and it’s time to remove the pad. Simply begun pulling it up from the corner of the room. You don’t need to cut this into strips since it’s very light.

Next, pull up the carpet staples that were used to hold the pad down. A pair of pliers would be good for this.

6.) Clean Up

Gather your tools and vacuum the room once again. If you’ve kept the tack strips, warn your family and – if you have small children or pets – try to block of access to the room.

All in all, this process should not take you too long – perhaps a few hours. Of course, you don’t want to have to replace your carpet that often, so be sure to schedule regular carpet cleaning services with Oxi Fresh. Carpet protectant wouldn’t go amiss either.

All right, well get out there and start remodeling!

Thanks to Robin Hewitt and braniac of eHow and the WikiHow team.

Carpet – Still Not Flat

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A month or two ago, we put together a little tour of some unique, beautiful, and amusing carpets and area rugs. Since we do a lot of normal carpet cleaning at Oxi Fresh, it was refreshing for us to see just how much variety there was in the world of carpets. Of course, we just scratched the surface of the artistic world of carpets – or to put in carpet terms – it was only surface cleaning and we want our carpet cleaning services to go down deep. So here’s another round of the odd carpets and area rugs around the world. Continue Reading post – Carpet – Still Not Flat

Question Time with Oxi Fresh!

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We’ve given a lot of tips about carpet cleaning, what it means to be a green carpet cleaner, talked about Oxi Fresh, and given you pointers on a lot of different topics, but now we wanted to do a Q&A. Here are some general questions we wanted to answer, but if you have question, post them below and we’ll answer it in the next post. Continue Reading post – Question Time with Oxi Fresh!

An Ounce of Prevention

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I was looking out of my office window today and I saw an abandoned restaurant. From a distance, the building looked like it hasn’t opened up for the day. When I got close to it, though, I saw that the sidewalk was full of shattered bricks, there was broken glass beneath a boarded up window, and decaying phonebooks were stacked outside the entrance.

If you leave something alone too long it will eventually fall apart – it’s one of the few guarantees in life. This is true of carpets as well as buildings. Without proper maintenance, they swiftly fall into disrepair and while emergency restoration can work, it’s far better to schedule regular carpet cleanings. Continue Reading post – An Ounce of Prevention

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