Carpet – Not Flat Anymore

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A common misconception, and one I fall into on occasion, is that carpets have to be boring. Yes, they can be soulless and bland a lot of the time, but to be fair there’s a lot of floor to cover. Not every square inch can be art – especially since that would make it difficult for carpet cleaners. But for every dozen homes that has six rooms of beige, cut pile carpet, there’s one with a gorgeous Persian area rug or a hand-dyed rug from Peru. Then, for every hundred homes out there, you find fun carpets like this monster rug below. This beautiful monstrosity from Joshua Ben Longo was made about five years ago and has been scaring children ever since.

And while Oxi Fresh takes green carpet cleaning seriously, Studio Tord Boontje takes it literally with their whimsical and lovely “Little Field of Flowers.” These two rugs are thoroughly original, are they not? They stand out and turn carpeting from something that is walked on to something that is admired. But artists have been doing that for literally thousands of years. Persian rugs are famous for a reason, and this image shows us why. The extraordinary detail and symmetry of the rug is astonishing, only made more so when you realize it’s handmade.

The next rug is also quite fun. It’s a bit of homage to the rich detail of older patterns, but it remains distinct. It’s a lovely carpet and, while we may never have the chance to clean it, we here at Oxi Fresh can’t help but appreciate the artistry. Anyways, These are just some fun carpets we wanted to share. You’ll find some more in the gallery, so enjoy!