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The Curse of the Couch

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"Is that a Spot?"

Halloween’s here and the party guests are shuffling toward your home, eager to messily devour your candy and wander like spirits forlorn between board games and the scary movie playing in the background. But despite many being dressed as the undead, they certainly don’t want to have a party in a dirty house – they’re discriminating corpses, after all – and they all seem to be avoiding that pet-hair covered couch. Continue Reading post – The Curse of the Couch

Tips for Fall: The Holidays!

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Here They Come

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas – the big three holidays are looming over us, ready to smother the unprepared with their weight of cheer and goodwill. In order to help you get ready, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning has put together this little cheat sheet to help with Holiday Plans, Preparations, and Guests. Continue Reading post – Tips for Fall: The Holidays!

Tips for Fall: The House!

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Here we are again with Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning‘s  third post in its Fall Tips series, and today we’ll be talking about preparing your home for Autumn. Since there is an almost endless number of thing you can do, we’ve decided to create a checklist for only on the most important tasks – so let’s begin! Continue Reading post – Tips for Fall: The House!

Keep Your Upholstery Clean This Winter

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Everyone immediately thinks of summer as one of the dustiest seasons, and one of the hardest seasons on your furniture, but winter’s tough too. Between muddy boots, sludge getting tracked in, and lots more nights spent in, your upholstered furniture can take quite a beating.

Oxi Fresh specializes in all-natural, gentle upholstery cleaning, but what should you do between professional cleanings?

1. Vacuum your upholstered furniture on a regular basis using a soft vacuum brush attachment that’s safe for use on fabrics. Vacuuming regularly will get rid of loose soil and crumbs, reduce overall grime and soiling of your upholstered furniture, and remove pet hair (especially beneficial if you have someone in your household with allergies).

2. Always act fast – the faster you can clean up a stain the better chance you have at removing it. Baby wipes or sanitary wipes are often the best tool for cleaning stains because they offer just the right amount of water and soap and evaporate quickly.

3. Make a special shoe area next to the door where family and visitors can leave their wet and muddy shoes – this will not only reduce the muck on your furniture but on your carpet too!

4. If you have an indoor/outdoor pet keep a towel by the door and give their paws a quick rubdown before letting them back into the house.

5. Always test spot a hidden section of your upholstery before cleaning it yourself. If the fabric of your furniture is made from a synthetic fabric such as polyester, nylon, or acrylic, it should be safe to clean. However, if the fabric of your furniture is made of more than 50% cotton, professional upholstery cleaning from one of our franchisees like Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Phoenix may be your best bet – especially if you are dealing with an especially large stain or all-over filth.

The ultimate key to upholstery cleaning is choosing the appropriate type of cleaning method. For example, cleaning a store-bought polyester-covered chair from 2010 is much different than cleaning a hand-embroidered antique sofa from the 1950s. Always check the fabric, and if you have any doubts about cleaning a particular piece of furniture, don’t hesitate to call us.

Tips for Fall: The Yard!

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October is here and any hopes our Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning technicians had for the warm weather continuing have fallen by the wayside. Well, if Summer won’t continue, we best get ready for Fall.  Oxi Fresh, your carpet cleaning company,  is here to help with its Tips for Fall series.

Fall Preperation and Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

This week we’re talking about how to prepare your yard, so let’s start by looking at it’s biggest feature, the lawn.

Continue Reading post – Tips for Fall: The Yard!

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