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What Are The Different Types of Carpet Designs Available? What Should I Choose?

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We here at Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Houston, one of the most reputable carpet cleaners in Houston,  have worked on literally thousands of carpeted floors while performing carpet cleaning services.

Our years of experience and expertise doing carpet cleaning in Houston makes us a local expert on carpet.  Why, might you ask?  Well, traditional handymen or carpet installers may install a carpet, but it’s a carpet cleaning Houston professional that sees the same carpet multiple times, and sees how it wears, and how it holds up over time!

When it comes to purchasing carpet there are two primary considerations to look at:  pile design, and fiber type.  Both of these considerations affect how easy your carpet cleans before you bring in your favorite Oxi Fresh Houston carpet cleaners.

Carpet Pile Design

Carpet pile, or the shape and texture of your carpet fibers is split into cut-pile, loop-pile, and cut and loop pile designs.  We at Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Houston have worked with all of these carpet designs.

Cut Pile Designs:

  • Saxony Pile – ¾” pile height typically, twisted, heat-set yarns, stands upright underneath foot traffic.  More than 90% of expensive carpet is made out of Saxony pile.
  • Plush/Velvet Pile – This plush design is dense enough to hold up to normal traffic.  This pile has little to no twist, which produces a smooth texture.  Because Plush/Velvet pile is sensitive to heat, the OxiFresh Carpet Cleaning Houston team always takes extra care to not deform the carpet .
  • Shag Pile – This design hails from the 70’s, and has a low density with long length such that the fibers lie more or less sideways every which way.   Less commonly employed today.
  • Splush Pile – It’s Shag! It’s Plush! It’s Splush!  This mix of Shag and Plush is also called mini-shag or short-shag. You still get the random sideways laying effect as with Shag.
  • Grass Pile – This grass simulator is typically made of slit-film olefin, coming in a large variety of colors.
  • Frieze – This design has tightly twisted yarns that give a rough, fine, slightly bumpy appearance

Loop Pile Designs:

  • Multi-Level Loop Pile – This Loop style has both low and high loops, creating a staggered density effect
  • Level Loop Pile – These are just loops that are uncut, consisting of loops.  Commercial carpet has very low height to it. OxiFresh Carpet Cleaning Houston staff members are experienced with all types of commercial carpet.

Although Berber carpet is the traditional loop carpet that tends to get snagged and produces runs with traditional vacuums and carpet cleaners, when our carpet cleaning Houston professionals come to your home, we –never- damage your carpet, or your money back.

Cut And Loop Pile Designs:

  • Sculptured Saxony – This beautiful Saxony has high Cut pile yarns, with Loop piles accenting in between.  Elegant and interesting.
  • Sculptured Shag – This is like Sculptured Saxong except it has higher cut-pile yarns, contrasted with Loops that are uncut.
  • Level Cut Loop – This pile uses even length loops and cut-pile fibers interspersed throughout.

The Carpet Choice Verdict From Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Houston

In general, Cut and Loop Pile with lower loops and higher cut fibers, and Cut Pile carpets stand up to wear and tear the best.   You can last just a smidge longer between OxiFresh Carpet Cleaning Houston visits for these types of carpet as opposed to loop carpet, because these carpets are less fragile, and less fragile carpets mean you can actually clean them regularly without needing to call in a carpet cleaning,  Houston professional.

Carpet Cleaning Houston Gives Berber Carpet a Thumbs Down

As for looped carpet, especially Berber carpet, these carpets tend to snag easily, going on continuous unraveling runs, with costly repairs in between.  Because of its fragile nature, homeowners tend to vacuum their Berber carpets less, for fear of damaging them, and thus more frequent visits from a carpet cleaning, Houston professional are required to compensate.  Pets also wear down Berber carpet significantly faster over Cut and Loop or Cut piles, because these types of carpet are not likely to unravel.

Generally speaking, we at Oxi Fresh Carpet recommend staying away from Berber carpet so you can more easily maintain it, but if you love the look and feel (we certainly do!) we don’t mind helping you maintain your carpet by bringing in our green carpet cleaning Houston crew!  Look out for a future post about the best carpet materials to choose from your friendly staff at Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning in Houston!

Phoenix Dust Storm – Do You Need to Clean Your Carpets?

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On July 5th, 2011, those of us here at Oxi Fresh of Phoenix Carpet Cleaning, (as well as everyone else in the Valley of the Sun) experienced a dust cloud of biblical proportions – or at least something you might have seen in a Hollywood movie such as The Mummy Returns.  This giant, rolling, dust cloud is called a Haboob in Arabic, and it typically happens in Arizona when a southwestern thunderstorm causes a rush of air coming down ahead of the thunderstorm itself, causing topsoil to be disrupted, and then blown out across the landscape.  Our experience at Oxi Fresh is that these are rather common, probably at least once a season, but in terms of scale, this is one of the biggest us carpet cleaners in Phoenix have ever witnessed!

Southwest Monsoon Season Science

It’s rather interesting science if you like such things, but if you’re not so much into the science of why giant dust clouds form and roll right into our Phoenix metro before a Phoenix monsoon season thunderstorm, you may be just a little more interested in the after-effects of this giant 2011 dust storm. Perhaps more importantly, you want to know how to clean up, starting with that call to Oxi Fresh!

Dust.  It’s Everywhere!

So if you’ve looked around, your cars are covered in dust, your fruit trees are covered in a light dusting of sand and dust.  But the effects of that sandstorm weren’t just limited to the outdoors.  How many of us can say our houses and offices are completely sealed-off from the outdoors?

Homes, Offices, even Oxi Fresh Phoenix HQ Aren’t Dustproof!

Most homes and offices have small openings here and there; vents, doorways, window sills, intakes, and dozens of nooks and crannies that can let in dust.  There’s dust everywhere, and there are many contaminants in that dust, including mold spores, bacteria, viruses, plant matter, rail dust, and industrial chemicals and pollutants.  And now it’s covering everything!

Do I Need To Get My Carpets Cleaned After The Dust Storm?

Here’s a great way to test if you’ve got a post dust storm carpet dust problem from your friendly neighborhood Phoenix carpet cleaning company.  Splash some water on your hand, then run your hand through your carpet and feel and see what the effects are.  If you’ve got a slightly dusty, sticky feeling left in your palm; that means it’s time to call your local experts at Oxi Fresh Phoenix carpet cleaners!

Contact Oxi Fresh Phoenix Carpet Cleaners!

Call 1.877.OXIFRESH today!  We’ve got extra help and we’re working extra hours to help everyone in the Phoenix area to recover from the unhealthy and unsightly effects of this recent dust storm.

Your Carpet Cleaner Claims To Clean, But Is Your Carpet Cleaner Safe and Green?

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Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Houston stands a cut above the rest, harnessing the power of oxygen to super-clean your carpets!  Our carpet cleaning materials and methods are safe for children and pets, and leave absolutely no sticky residue. That’s why our dry time is among the fastest in the industry, just one hour!  That’s faster than it takes some dryer loads to finish!

But Is It Green?

Now, some carpet cleaners in Houston claim to be “green”. In fact, quite a few Houston carpet cleaning companies are not only likely to claim to be green, but in fact, the methods and chemicals used are not only wasteful, but harmful to the environment.  Then there are those carpet cleaning Houston companies that are not green, but at least they are not trying to hide their less-than-green tendencies.  In either case, we at OxiFresh Carpet Cleaning Houston think that if those other companies were just a little greener, then the rest of us could breathe a little easier!


At Oxi Fresh Houston carpet cleaners, we put our green  carpet cleaning where are mouth is.  Most steam cleaners require 40 or more gallons of water to clean a home.  Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Houston can clean that same home with just two gallons of water!  We use 5% of the water a typical steam cleaner uses, that’s twenty times more is necessary, and we think traditional steam cleaning is completely wasteful! Save some water!

Energy Efficiency

At Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Houston, we save energy everywhere we can.  We use highly efficient cleaning equipment, which is not truck-mounted, because equipment that’s mounted on trucks requires the truck to stay on for multiple hours, releasing all kinds of harmful pollutants and greenhouse gases.  Due to our non-truck-powered equipment, we also keep all your house doors shut while working so as not to overwork your thermostat and run up your energy bill.    Finally, because we use so much less water than the average steam cleaner, we use considerably less energy to take all that moisture and wastewater out.

Environmentally Friendly Products

When we’re out  cleaning Houston homes and offices, we always use biodegradable, organic, and non-toxic products to clean your space.  We’re also set apart from the rest because our cleaning products utilize low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s).  VOC’s are gentle on fibers, but tough on stains, so you get a squeaky clean steam, while staying eco-friendly green!

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle!

While the other steam cleaning guy down the street might throw out his packaging in –your- trash can, our staff always uses recyclable bottles and packaging, and we always recycle all of our bottles and packaging materials after use.   Even at corporate, we’re going paperless where we can, and if we use paper, it’s recycled afterwards.  We at Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning are the real green carpet cleaning company!

Simple Tips for Going Green this Summer

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Simple Tips for Going Green

At long last summer is finally here. The long days, BBQs, and warm water – it’s hardly a contest to win the prize for my favorite season. Now that the months of anticipation are over it’s about time for the anxiety of its conclusion to kick in. Like a kid on his last week of summer vacation I feel the impending doom of summer’s end…on the first nice day of spring. So like that kid, I take every opportunity to get my jollies in and make the most of summer while I still can. This, of course, means spending as much time outside as I can. Because I enjoy summer and being outdoors so much I can really appreciate the benefits of a healthy environment. Passing on a healthy planet to the next generation, as cheesy as that sounds, really is our responsibility and easy little changes in our everyday habits can really make a big impact. So here now are some easy-to-implement tips for going green this summer.

Need to dry a handful of clothing? Use a clothesline!

If you’ve never worn clothes that have been dried in the sun, then you haven’t lived.  They’re all warm and crispy and leave you feeling like a million bucks. But the best part is that it saves a ton of energy and it’s great for the environment and great on your energy bills.

Regulate AC Usage

This one is tough, even for me and I like the heat, but regulating AC usage can make the biggest difference of any energy saving tip. Try only using AC during the peak heat hours of the day. Make sure all windows are closed while it’s on and when temps begin to cool again, shut it off and enjoy the twilight of summer nights.

Energy Efficient Bulbs (CFL/LED)

On average, an energy efficient bulb runs about 80% more efficiently than a traditional bulb. That translates to big savings for you and the environment.

Use all-natural cleaning agents

Most of the liquids that we use eventually wind up in our oceans, lakes, and rivers. That is why it is so important to use cleaning agents that will not negatively impact the environment. Cleaning agents such as those used by Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning in Phoenix minimize environmental impact because they were made to be safe and non-hazardous.

These simple tips for going green help to ensure that we get to enjoy summer for many years to come. Plus, I don’t know what I’d do without my yearly cycle of anticipation and anxiety.

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