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Oxi Fresh Ranks Third in Top New Franchises!

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Every year, Entrepreneur Magazine releases the Franchise 500 – a ranking of the top franchising systems out there – and we here at  Oxi Fresh are always eager to see how we rank. In the main category this year, we were ranked as #126 – jumping up by 265 spots from our previous years rank of #391! But Entrepreneur Magazine doesn’t just do the top 500.

They also have several sub-categories that rank franchises based on different criteria; for example, there’s the Best Home Based Franchise and Fastest Growing Franchise. Recently, the magazine republished one of their rankings for the category Top New Franchise. And in third place? Oxi Fresh! Out of the many franchise systems that started in the last five years, Entrepreneur Magazine ranked Oxi Fresh as one of the highest!

Jonathan Barnett, president of Oxi Fresh, had this to say: “Oxi Fresh has only been franchising since 2006 and we have never ranked so highly before in any Entrepreneur 500 category. We’re very proud and I am excited to see what next year will bring.” And while Oxi Fresh won’t be able to qualify for the Top New Franchise category anymore, we’re still looking forward to seeing how we rank in all the other categories in 2012!

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Crossover’s Summer Tour!

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It’s summer, so that means the staff here at Oxi Fresh have to say farewell to our good friends at Crossover International – a Christian basketball ministry – as they go abroad for their summer tour. Every year they travel Europe with their team to run basketball youth camps and play exhibition games against professional clubs. At the end of July, they’ll have two tours visiting Romania, the Czech Republic, Germany, and France.

At these free camps, the Crossover Team will  serve about two hundred and fifty youth – from six to eighteen years old – teaching them about both basketball and the Gospel. The tour’s schedule keeps the players busy and always on the move, but grateful churches and families open their doors for the players and coaches.

Crossover has been conducting these tours since 2003, though the ministry was actually started in 2001 by (at the time) college students Nonzo Azubuike and Jonathan Barnett. These two friends both loved basketball and God, and wanted to serve God and keep playing basketball past college. They found inspiration in John 5:24, a verse that speaks of “crossing over” from death to eternal life. From that seed, their hard work, and God’s blessing came an international basketball ministry that has served hundreds of youth.

Now, in 2011, Crossover is working to create the Crossover Basketball Academy – a program that works with at-risk youth to offer mentoring, life coaching, basketball training, academic tutoring, SAT/ACT preparation, and character/spiritual development. The mentors and youth in the program will build relationships year-round  in weekly sessions, helping them grow into responsible young adults. The first academy is being established in Denver, but plans are in the works to expand it throughout the nation.

For more information about Crossover International, visit!

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