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When You Least Expect It, You’re Elected . . .

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You’re the Star Today! Smile! You’re on Candid Camera!

Ahem. Sorry.

All right, old television show themes aside, we’ve got some pretty exciting news here at Oxi Fresh.  A few days ago Oxi Fresh’s president and CEO Jonathan Barnett was featured on Fox Business News! This live interview helped introduce more people to the World’s Greenest Carpet Cleaner and we couldn’t be more pleased.

In the segment, they talk about Jonathan’s experiences as a business owner and how Oxi Fresh is different than many other cleaners. It’s a pretty cool interview, so we’re including it below. Enjoy!

Carpet Cleaning Without Toxins

Spring Allergies: Pollen Wars

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Oh, how this Spring of love resembleth / The uncertain glory of an April day!” ~ William Shakespeare. “Spring makes everything look filthy” ~ Katherine Whitehorn.

It seems that, no matter the era, there are those who love Spring and those who despise it. My guess? The latter group has allergies. Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is often called in to help them out by removing dust and grime, but we want to do more. So, in addition to our carpet cleaning services, here’s a guide to help you fight spring allergies. Continue Reading post – Spring Allergies: Pollen Wars

The Color of the Carpet

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In past posts, we’ve talked about numerous aspects of carpeting, touching on everything from padding to what pile types work where. Something I haven’t discussed is color, partly because until now I wasn’t very familiar with color matching technique. With research under my belt, however, I now feel I can give you a guideline that will help you identify the shades of carpet that will work well for you. So without further ado, here is the Oxi Fresh Guide to Carpet Color Selection. Continue Reading post – The Color of the Carpet

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