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Stretching the Spring

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Alas poor Mr. Slinky, I knew him well.

Have you ever tried to play with a stretched-out Slinky? Perhaps you damaged it by accident, wanting to see how far it could stretch and were then left with a deformed metal coil. You try to push it down the stairs, but it can only go down a step or two before veering off course. It’s rather pathetic and depressing.

And in an equally stretched and tortured analogy, you shouldn’t try to stretch your Spring Cleaning to cover an entire year – especially for any carpet cleaning you had done. You’ve got to put effort into maintaining your carpet year round or it can end up damaged beyond repair. Continue Reading post – Stretching the Spring

Interview with a Carpet

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With an upcoming film adaptation of his career, Mr. Carpet has been making the tour circuits, speaking of his life, loves, and losses. Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning was lucky enough to secure an interview with him just hours before the film’s premier.

O: First, let me get my gushing out of the way

C: (Laughs) All right.

O: Big fan of your work – always have been, always will be. I love the soft, warm feeling you can provide while simultaneously making a room feel proper. I also like how you can be stern and commanding in your next picture without feeling out of place. Not many other flooring types I know of can do that.

C: Thank you. My career has been based on my versatility. I’ve played everything from Oriental rugs to industrial Berbers. It’s refreshing when someone appreciates that. Continue Reading post – Interview with a Carpet

Spring Cleaning

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The snow is gone, the sun is out, temperatures are rising, and our forced hibernation is coming to a close. It’s time to open the door, breathe in the fresh air, and immediately go back inside. No, you didn’t see your shadow. It’s time to perform the ritual of Spring Cleaning.

For some, Spring Cleaning is a pleasure. For others, Spring Cleaning is a looming presence. For still others, Spring Cleaning is just not on their radar. No matter the group you’re in, there’s no denying Spring Cleaning is necessary and healthy. With that in mind, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning wanted to help you form your own cleaning plan. Continue Reading post – Spring Cleaning

What Carpet Where?

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Every now and then, you have to get new carpet installed in your home. Maybe you feel like a change, maybe it’s part of your redecorating project, or maybe the carpets gotten too old and too worn out. Whatever the case, whether it’s taste, rebuilding, or the fact that carpet cleaning just can’t prolong the carpet’s life any longer, you’ll want to be sure that the carpet type you pick is going to be best for the area of your home. With that in mind, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning has created a little room-by-room guide to help you pick the ideal carpet type and narrow your search for the best carpet. Continue Reading post – What Carpet Where?

Getting Ready for April

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April is approaching and we should all be getting ready for the greenest month of the year! With Earth Day on the 22nd and Arbor day towards the end of the month, this is a great chance for all of us to make a difference for the environment and to learn more about being green. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the multitude of different green campaigns trying to grab your attention. Don’t worry, though, because Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning, has come up with three simple ideas to choose from for your Earth Day and Arbor Day event. Continue Reading post – Getting Ready for April

Green Means

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Business won’t be “business as usual” again. The advent of social media has changed the way we can interact with each other, both on a person-to-person and a business-to-consumer level. A tweet can turn a wary consumer into a customer for life or vice versa. But this change isn’t limited to how we can interact with one another. What people value has shifted over the last few years, creating an environment that encourages the growth of green-conscious companies. A lot of people now value and make deliberate efforts to support companies and stores that try to reduce their impact on the environment.

In order to be responsible and to see better returns, businesses need to be environmentally friendly – and many are succeeding at being green . Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning is an example of this trend. Our water-conserving system employs cleaning solutions designed to be safe for families, pets, and the environment. But as a green carpet cleaner, it can be easier for us to recognize what we need to do to be green. We have to use a lot of different products, so we always work to ensure they are as safe and effective as possible. But what if you run a retail store or work as an accountant? What are the green means you can employ? Here are four tips that can help you out.

1.) What’s Your Waste?

Every business will have an item or items that they use frequently and will consequently produce related waste. For Oxi Fresh, it’s product bottles. For many stores, it’ll be the cardboard, plastic, styrofoam, and pallets that were used to ship products. For others it might be organic waste – coffee grounds for example. Identify the chief waste product of your business and, if you haven’t, institute a recycling program. If your waste product isn’t a traditional recyclable, go to and use their search function to find a place you can recycle it.

2.) The Paper Trail

No matter what your main waste product is, every business uses paper. You print a menu, you create a inventory list, you print out a legal document – no matter what, you’ll end up with a lot of paper laying around. The simplest thing to do is to recycle and by all means do so, but being green doesn’t start at the recycling bin. Try to eliminate unnecessary paper use by paying bills online, implementing an electronic filing system, and discouraging wasteful printing. Recycling is great, but never having to recycle due to good planning is even better.

3.) Freshen Up

Of all the Green Means in this list, this one can be the most expensive – but it can also end up saving you the most as well. Make sure that your building is energy efficient by installing energy saving lightbulbs, low flow toilets, and seeing if the building is properly insulated. This isn’t something most of us can do all at once, both in terms of time needed and budget, so it’s good project to spread out over time.

4.) RRRR

No, I didn’t fall asleep on the keyboard. I’m referring to the Four R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle. Yes, Repair is one of them. There’s not much to say about the R’s that hasn’t been said a million times already. Be sure to apply them to your business in the ways we’ve already discussed and in any other ways you see fit.

Hopefully these tips will be of help to you as you strive to make your business more green. Knowing that you’re helping the environment – and therefore everyone in it – is a great reward. Another reward though, is that if customers know you’re green, they’re more likely to appreciate your business and return. So be green and let those colors show and if you have any green tips, be sure to share them in the comments below!

All Grown Up

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Time to Fly!

Nature does not produce many clingy animal parents. The young are born, raised for an appropriate time, and then set loose. The time varies depending on the species of course. Some animals barely get a few weeks before they have to fend for themselves, others months, and some several years. For all of these creatures, though, the nest isn’t forever. At some point they willingly, or sometimes unwillingly, are expected to head out into the world.

This can be a challenging experience, but it’s well worth it for the animal. People go through a similar process as well and, strangely enough, so can websites. Recently, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning announced it’s new website, a site designed to share Oxi Fresh to potential franchisees – explaining the various advantages of our business, our comprehensive marketing plan, and our world class cleaning system. Continue Reading post – All Grown Up

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